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Happy New Year 2023

Once this was a thriving blog full of laughter, and the real life, behind the scenes of being a parent with four children.   I worked with some great companies, but most of all, I met people that are still in my life. I was given a creative outlet—a place to use my voice.    My kids grew up with me telling their business all over the web.  Now I hardly post their pictures.    Just last year, like it's been months, I started an Instagram to post pictures of my life.  My new outlet.  Just me.  Believe it or not, I still have blog fans who were glad I returned to Facebook because posting on Instagram wasn't the same.  Well, does this make you happy?  I'm back.  We will see how it goes.

Supermom says I told you so about co-sleeping and breastfeeding.

Remember all those questions you would ask me about co-sleeping and breastfeeding?  

I'd reassure you that they still wouldn't be in your bed when they were teenagers, and I bet they're not still on your boob.

I've learned to enjoy every single moment for what it is.  

I wouldn't trade co-sleeping for anything in the world.  All four of my children shared my bed.  

No, none of them sleep with me now.  They all eventually went to their beds and stayed there.

I miss it.  

However, I told you so.  They won't be in your bed forever.

Please feel free to follow the new blog.  Come for the sarcasm but stay because it's real life.  Unscripted with all these extras.