About Michelle

Michelle Lee is native to Asheville, NC.  She currently lives in a holler in the country with her husband, two of her four kids, one adopted Doodle, and two birds. 

Michelle quit blogging years ago as the kids grew up and left the nest.  After the cluster fuck of Covid, she brought the blog back in hopes of reconnecting with friends and making new ones. 

email: iheartsupermom@aol.com

Michelle is available for brand work, and traveling for companies.  

Michelle is a huge mental health advocate. Suffering from severe depression and anxiety for 25 years this isn't something new to her. Always surviving. 


The Adventures of Supermom®

Blogging from 2004-2016.

Michelle has been in the NY Times, People Magazine, WNC Magazine, Real Simple, Duluth News Tribune, other assorted print ads, and live TV.

The Adventures of Supermom ® is a trusted brand that’s been around for over a decade.