Reading a Good Book

Don't be book-shaming me! We all have been there.

Those books we don't finish for various reasons that clutter the bedside table, run over onto the living room table, then stack up by the bookshelf.  Or if you have OCD like me, then you place them back on the shelf.  Out of sight means out of mind.  Then there is zero guilt for not finishing them.

You know, those books!

I made a deal with a kid of mine to hold each other accountable to finish a book a month.  They are killing it.  I, on the other hand, am still on that damn book.

The one I've been loosely reading for many years.

Fear of Flying, written by Erica Jong.

The sad thing is?  It's a good book.  It's brilliant and a great read.  She's a naughty vixen who coined the phrase "zipless fuck".  Come on!  Why isn't everyone reading this book?

This month I will finish this book.