Making New Year's Resolutions

I even cooked a traditional meal. 

I'm not one to make resolutions, but after the past few years, I'm breaking tradition. 

The past few years, since Covid, have been the most significant dumpster fire recorded in recent history, which has changed us all in some form.  

Who the bloody hell thought we'd ever live through a pandemic?  

Please raise your hand. 

So, this year it gets better?  Right?  

I decided to make some resolutions.  I thought, hell, it can't hurt.  Better myself a bit.  Learn more about myself.  Hold myself accountable.

Spending more time with my family is obvious and closest to my heart.  Time is moving so fast in the blink of an eye.  It all clicks when you reach a certain age; your mortality is staring you right in the face.  

It's taken me time to realize as the kids leave the nest, I'm moving to the next phase of my life.  I can no longer have children, and my youngest child is 14.

I've lived longer than the time I have left on this earth. 

So spending this time with my family means the most.  

Then I want to set some goals with things that interest me.

Daily - 

Remind me I am only human and doing the best I can now.  

Remind me I am loved and that I love deeply.

Remind me to breathe and know I'm on the right path.

Weekly -

Read some in my book/books.  My nightstand is covered.  Finish some books.  Depression has made it difficult for me to enjoy a book.  I can't quite get there to be swept up and away in a literary journey.  I miss reading the most.

Crochet on an afghan.  I bought all this yarn to create some fun afghans to sell.  I still need to get the jump start.  I did make a Tardis and an afghan in pansexual colors.

Cook a meal with my family for my family.

Monthly - 

Spend a night out with friends.  It could be dancing, drinking, trivia, or a night in over a potluck watching a movie.  Just share space with people that mean the most to me.  

The things I propose are totally doable.  It's getting me out of my comfort zone, going through this depression that will cause pause.

Then I'll go back to my daily resolution and remember I am only human and doing my best now.  

Happy New Year.