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Wilderness at the Smokies Hotel & Waterpark Resort in Sevierville, TN
{Winter Stay & Play FAM at Wilderness at the Smokies}

Wilderness at the SmokiesRecently the Supermom crew was invited over to TN to check out this amazing indoor waterpark for the weekend.  With the holidays, homeschooling, and winter weather to deal with to get over the mountain we were finally able to find a nice quiet weekend to go around the girls’ birthdays at the beginning of March.  Bonus - The Wilderness knew about their birthdays and had a surprise planned for the girls which I knew would make this a birthday that they would always remember.

Wilderness at the Smokies Hotel and Waterpark Resort.  Sevierville, TN.  @WildSmokies #wildernessatthesmokies

I’m not sure how we managed to keep this weekend getaway a total surprise but we did.  On travel day I had happy kids and an excited granddaughter all packed up for the trip.

Conversations with my best friend BG. #thebgs

This will be a random question that will be from a CrAzY conversation with my Beastie Grits.

The first ever question asked since the very small, more work to do, blog change over.

1)  Where do you keep your wine?

My response,

"Above the washing machine as no one else knows how to use such a complex machine."

She said, I picture with her hands on her hips, "Yeah, NO SHIT!  LOL"

Beastie Grits  The Bgs.

Thank you thank you thank you,

Who’s your favorite child? I know you have one. We all have one. Right? #keepingitreal

Folly Beach 2017

Recently on vacation with the crew my three daughters were giving me hell saying their brother Ben, who wasn’t able to come with us because of school and work, was my favorite.  Blah blah.

Ben could get away with murder and Mom would help bury the body!!!

Such crazy talk.

So the WHOLE week we were at the beach it’s all I heard from the three girls.

Ben this.  Ben that.  Ben this.  Mom would never let me do that but Ben does.

Insert HUGE Mom eyeroll here.

This got me to thinking.

All four of my kids have been my favorite at one time or another.  I really feel it’s that way with all parents and their children.  Hannah was my favorite when she was little and as she likes to tease her sisters - she became my favorite when she moved out of the house and when she made me a grandmother.  Twitch twitch.  I am too flipping young to be a grandmother?!?  It still feels weird telling people that I have a granddaughter.  I love sweet sweet baby and we are blessed to have her in our life.

Then when Ben was born I had this adorable little boy with the bluest eyes looking at me.  I can remember him being so tender hearted and he would cry if his hands got dirty while playing outside.  My sweet gentle Ben.  He has always warmed my heart and he’s such a fine young man.  He reminds me of myself the most.  We just go with the flow in life.

Then sweet shy Olivia with her big brown eyes.  She came later in my life and I really felt I was a better parent and able to enjoy her more.  We would snuggle at naptime and I’d make up a story for her every day.  Mostly about Dora, her favorite, and some grand adventure she and Map were going on.  I can still hear her tell me, “You make the best stories Mommy”.  She was our princess, our clown, and our precious shy little girl.  Now she’s 12 going on 26 and driving me batty.  You’d think I’d have hormonal teenage girls down pat but I do not.

Last but not least Ninja Gurl came into our lives.  I believe she was EVERYONE'S favorite.  HA HA!  She’s silly, she’s weird, she’s funny, and she’s totally a Ninja.  Ever since we took her to see Wonder Woman she wants to be her now.  Kicking ass all the way!  With a side of Wednesday Addams of course.  Remember I said she’s weird.  In a good way and yes there is a good way.

So, at different stages each of my children have been a favorite of mine.  And at times I haven’t really been fond of any of them.  Innocent glare here.  #keepingitreal

So on vacation my three daughters gave me a hard time about their brother sooooooo I really got them good!  On our last night we were making our yearly trek to the lighthouse for pictures and fun when I see a body of water behind some trees.

I tell everyone, “I hope there’s not an alligator in there.”

Then hub chimes in “I don’t know what I’d do.  Grab the kids and run.”

Me being the mom said, “I’d sacrifice myself for the children.”

Ninja Girl, “You would not.”

Me, “Yes, I would.”  Then I pretend to throw myself at the alligator to protect my young all while shouting, “Tell Ben he’s my favorite!!!”

Insert lots of laughter and a very dirty glare from Ninja Gurl.

I really don’t have a favorite child as they are all unique in their own way with such different personalities that shine out.  I may tease them but I love them dearly and wouldn’t hesitate to throw myself in the jaws of an alligator to protect them.

Because that’s what Moms do.

Topless Thursday #TT

Folly Beach 2017
Folly Beach, South Caroline Vacation 2017

This is not an actual "topless" picture and I wasn't topless while I took this picture.  I just wanted to get away from the norm of "Wordless Wednesday" and turn it into something more fun.  Know what I mean?

My mind went to "topicless" immediately.  Then my pervy mind went right to "topless".

Then "Topless Thursday" was born.

You're welcome.

Today was a sad day. I realized that my kids don’t think of me.

I kind of figured that was the case but I was in denial.

I did give birth to them and nurse them from my breast.  Yanno, that kind of thinking.

Then this morning….

I woke up, went to make coffee as they are already bickering in the living room.

Then I see it!  Like a huge RED flashing light.

I about fell to my knees and cried out “why don’t you love me?”.

They wouldn’t have heard me over their bickering anyway.

So, I sadly put the EMPTY milk jug in the recycles.

This just proved that NO one listened when I gave the “Save Mommy Enough Milk For Her Morning Coffee Speech”!!

Like I didn’t know this but I had hope.

Sniff sniff.

No one ever listens to Mommy.

Look at how sad my coffee cup looks all empty???  Tragic.

Empty coffee cup.

The Great Debate - Who loves the other more or the most?

It’s the usual night time ritual with parents and kids.  After the bedtime story has been read, and covers are tugged up, right down to their sleepy smile.  You know it’s about to be on!

I love you.

I love you more.

I love you most.

Nope, not possible.  I love you the most.

I love you a million times more.

Kid!  You ain’t gonna win this debate.  Trust me.  We gave you life.  Even though we used to wipe your butt for you, WE still love you the most.

One night I was in bed as my youngest was hollering her “I love yous” to me.  I was a genius, I tell you and got her good.

Kid - I love you.

Mom - I love you more.

Kid - I love you most.

Mom - You probably do.

Bwah ha ha ha.  Score one or five for MOM.

Some days it may feel as if the kids do love us the most but deep down we will always love them more.  It’s just the way it is.  No matter how they may irritate the crap out of us, we will continue to adore them.

Just don’t spill my wine...