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I thought I was going to die.
Sharing my private journey to break the stigma of mental illness. #mentalhealthawareness

This will be the very first time I share in a public forum about this part of my journey.  Again, not that I am ashamed but because I couldn’t find the words to express the excruciating pain I was in.  The pain that I am in.

I remember the day I was committed to the hospital like it was yesterday.  Not sure I’d agree with committed as I went freely.  I knew I was going to die if I didn’t.  I’ve said before and I will say it again,

REACHING OUT!  MAKING THAT CALL!  THIS WILL BE THE MOST FUCKING HARDEST THING YOU’LL EVER DO.  You’ll carry around the phone not wanting to cause a fuss.  Dial and hang up, dial and hang up a few times.  That’s okay.  This is where I want you to cause the fuss.  You dial the number and speak your name.  Tell them who you are and do not be afraid.  Make the fuss.  You are worth it.

Depression and anxiety about killed me.  I had never had my brain act that way before, so many thoughts and so many feelings were running through it.  More like a boxing ring of s…

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Recovery isn’t easy. #mentalhealthawareness
{Sharing my private journey with anxiety and depression.}

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