About Me

The Adventures of Supermom®
Blogging since 2004

Michelle Lee lives in Asheville with her husband, four kids, a granddaughter and her faithful Superdog.

If I were tell you all the things I do in a single day at the office your mind would be spinning from the thousands of tiny details that I must cram into what seems like a very short amount of time. My office, in case you are wondering, is my home and I’m a modern day version of June Cleaver, with leopard print heels and pearls, who rules the roost with a toddler attached to my leg and a cup of coffee (or cold beer depending on the time) in my hand. My fuzzy pink robe is what you’ll most likely see me wearing when you stop by for a visit (which ironically doubles as a cape for those days I need my super powers) and my friends actually want me to auction it off for charity.

My life revolves around a family of six that includes raging hormonal teens and a toddler who insists I go with her every time she runs to the bathroom. I feel compelled to tell you my life story simply because it's that comedy show everyone lives. It's good to know you aren't alone in this crazy world of motherhood!

Please follow the trials and tribulations of motherhood through me. Stop by and tell me what you think now and again. And don't forget to laugh at life because even the most chaotic moments will pass with only a little trepidation only to be forgotten with the next booger on the wall, sock on the floor or new organic dessert baking in the oven.

Organic family of 6. Worked with 100’s of companies like Dove Chocolate, Disney and I had a wonderful time working with Vaseline - I did a web commercial for Vaseline and then went on tour with the Vaseline Dry Skin Patrol and had the time of my life!