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I can only handle so much. #WW #wordlesswednesday

Mama's Gonna Hate

I made it out of the door this time.
Mental Health Awareness

Tombstone Brownies for Halloween.
Wanna make a graveyard? A sweet treat for your ghouls.

I've been crocheting an afghan.

Orange Pumpkins for Halloween

Wordless Wednesday #WW {You've been warned.}

This isn't how I die. Mental Health Awareness #mentalhealth #imnotashamed

I take my pants off for Wordless Wednesday. #WW

The things we do as parents.

Then we went to Pigeon Forge for another weekend.

Back in July I spent a wonderful weekend in Gatlinburg, TN with my kids.

My kids hate me. Part 2.

My kids hate me. Part 1.

True Story - when you wanna flip your kids off but can't.