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I should be in the CIA. Maybe they have a parenting division?

Kids just gross me out.  Totally.  It's always about poop, farting, burping, and boogers.

It's making me crazy.  Like want to drop the "F" bomb crazy.

The other day I found a booger wiped on the arm of the couch while cleaning house.  WTF!?!?!

Were they raised by wolves??  Do they know how to walk to the bathroom and get some tissue?


Come on.  I know we all pick our nose occasionally and if you say you don't then you are totally lying.

So I thought about how to handle the situation.

At bedtime I told the girls I was collecting their toothbrushes and booger to send off for DNA testing to see who the BOOGER belonged to since no one would take blame.

I knew it was Ninja.  It says "totally lazy Ninja" all over it but she wouldn't admit it.

It seems like this happened with my son too, wiping a booger on the wall in his bedroom, and it was brought up on LIVE TV about 8 years ago.  You'd think my kids were learn.

I will talk about them.  I will tell all their dirty habits.