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SpellingClassroom.com {An amazing fun and learning review. Perfect for #homeschool and for that child who may need extra help in spelling.}

Spelling Classroom .comI’ve been blogging and posting on social media about our homeschool experience just in case someone else is going through the same thing and in the chance that someone can even offer advice.

We started our wonderful homeschool adventure in November 2016 and it has been a learning experience.  I had to find what works for and what doesn’t work for us.  I’ve found programs we love and programs that didn’t work for the girls which required me to find another program to replace it with.

We use Spelling Workout for both girls and I love the workbooks they use weekly for a new lesson however they didn’t have the word definitions with each lesson so the girls could learn that too.  I didn’t want them to have to look up twenty plus words a week in the dictionary because it would have taken them ALL day to do that.

So I started looking around online for a program that allowed the girls to enter their weekly spelling list from their Spelling Workout workbooks that told the girls the definitions.  A lot of programs I found online have pre-made lists and activities that allow you to learn the words that way but I wanted a program where the girls could enter their own words.

BINGO!!!  FOUND ONE!!!!!!  I have bragged and bragged about this program because it’s perfect.

Spelling Classroom is amazing for any child who needs an extra boost with spelling and learning definitions.  You can enter your own words or use one of their preloaded lists.  Once your child enters their spelling list or use one of Spelling Classrooms then they can do different activities that help them learn their words.

Spelling Classroom .com

On a typical Monday the girls will enter their spelling words into Spelling Classroom program then do two activities, one being definitions.

Tuesday:  The girls work in their Spelling Workout workbook then do two activities using Spelling Classroom.

Wednesday:  Again, the girls finish their Spelling Workout workbook lesson for that week then do two activities using Spelling Classroom.

Thursday - Both girls have their spelling test.

This is their weekly spelling routine.  I’m in love with this program.

Spelling Classroom .com

Spelling Classroom .com

Thank you Spelling Classroom for this amazing program and helping my girls with their spelling each week.

Spelling Classroom .com

Spelling Classroom .com

Spelling Classroom .com

Still not sure?  Don’t take my word about how awesome this program is!!  You can have a Free Trial Membership for 14 days.  That’s what got me hooked.  I knew in TWO days I wanted to buy the program.  Yes, it’s that good.

Want to win a membership?

GOOD!!!  Because I have TWO to give away to you!

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Awesome sauce.

**I wasn’t paid to post this review.  I begged Spelling Classroom for a FREE account in exchange for telling everyone about their amazing program.  The opinions expressed belong entirely to me, Michelle Lee.**


Teresa Locklear said...

My youngest wasn't a fan of spelling until this year. He had struggled with reading and that made spelling hard. I started with Spelling Workout this year and he loves it. He actually enjoys doing a pre-test and a final test :)

sonyamorris (Sonya Morris) said...

My little girl does not like spelling but she is only in kindergarten.

Tina Campen said...

I'm interested to see if this helps my dyslexic child!