Homeschool ~ 9 Weeks {Not for the timid and weak.}

Michelle Lee at The Adventures of Supermom

We've done it!!!!!   We've been homeschooling for 9 weeks {tomorrow}.  After tomorrow we will have 9 days off.  Woot woot.  We are trying the 3 weeks on 1 week off schedule right now. 

It's been an adventure for sure.  We have learned what works for us and what we needed to change because it did not work for us.

Homeschool is not for the weak!!  I've had to drag myself out of bed on a few mornings for school and even make myself finish school after our lunch break!  I even had to teach recovering from wrist surgery.  While sick!  I thought stay at home parents didn't get any rest.  I was totally wrong.  Stay at home parents that homeschool their kids get ZERO ZERO ZERO rest.  ZEROOOOO!

Thankfully Superdad took on making dinner at night for me.  I cook every once in awhile but he mostly holds the fort down.  {Without feeding them cold cereal or almond butter sandwiches every night.}  I don't know how he does it.  I'd sprinkle some cereal on the dining room table myself.  Ha ha.  I'm joking....sort of...

I know that everyone who homeschools has a different schedule and what may work for someone may not for the next person that comes around.  Thankfully I have The Well-Trained Mind book to look back on for reference and a couple Facebook groups and some great FB friends to bother when I want to ask a question.

Real quick I thought I'd share my schedule because I am always being asked.

* By 9:30 a.m. we are in our space and the girls are writing in their journal.  We have questions for them all ready but on days I've not got a question on my mind then I will let them pick a topic.

* Multiplication Time and Math Lesson.
We do math every day, Monday through Thursday is a structured lesson and Friday is something around the house that pertains to math.  IE:  How many cups do we need to make that if we double the recipe? 

The girls are both using Saxon Math and it's going well.

Multiplication Tables is a Montessori weakness as it's taught a different way so we are playing catch-up with one daughter.  Apparently public schools don't care too much about them either because I can quote a fifth grade teacher at the school H went to say "None of the kids know them.".  This is after Superdad went to the school to find out exactly why a fifth grader doesn't know them so then Superdad drilled H on the ride to school.  So each week I pick a number to practice.  At first I had the girls say them out loud as they wrote them each day.

Didn't work.

Now I am having the girls remember the answers first.  IE:  2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 11, 12  Then we go back and show the numbers used to get that.  After the girls have done this for four days I have them say them out loud quickly so I can tell they aren't counting on their fingers.  IE:  2 x 0 = 0, 2 x 1 = 2, 2 x 2 = 4, 2 x 3 = 6, etc...

My third grade teacher Mrs. Stewart taught me this way and I can remember on Friday we would stand up and call them out and if we were right we got a star on the board.

Tomorrow we do threes so let you know how it goes.

* Spelling.
We use Spelling Workout for both girls and they are in different levels.  They do a few activities in their chapter for two days and then have a test.  Depending on how hard the words are and what they make on that test decides if we study those words another week.  I found an online program I LOVED where on Monday the girls would enter their words and then the program would tell them the definitions and then they would play word games with their spelling words.  Sadly after the trial period was up I haven't been able to use the computer program because I cannot get their buy membership link to work and a person hasn't responded to my email or even read my FB message.  {WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!}  I have looked for a similar program and cannot find one.

We have Grammar two times a week, Tuesday and Thursday.  We use the Rod & Staff Beginning Wisely and Progressing with Courage with the girls.  Ninja who's in third grade has no issues with Beginning Wisely but O who is in 6th just doesn't like Progressing with Courage.  They are a Christian based learning book so their examples are based on the Bible which can get complicated at times.  While we are on break next week I am going to look at other programs for O to try because we have given R&S nine weeks and she just keeps getting frustrated.

Before our lunch break Ninja will work on her cursive and read a story aloud, mostly an Amanda Pig book, and depending on what day it is they will work on a few assorted workbooks that I have.  {50 States, Reading WB that includes problem solving.}  Lovely O works on her writing with problem solving and uses Wordsmith during the week.

Grammar Worksheet Time.
Once a week I give them a worksheet that I have printed off {I have a membership.} that gives them some extra practice to go along with what they are studying in their book.

LUNCH BREAK which is usually 11:30 to 1:00.

We do history 2 times a week plus we have a test day.  We are working in the Story of the World series which is from the writers of The Well-Trained Mind {Which is my homeschool Bible!}.  We will read from the book on the first day and go over the worksheets that go along with that lesson.  Another day we will go through our other history books about the lesson we learned.  On test day we go over what we have learned from the lesson then take a test that is included with our history book.

We use assorted science books twice a week for our lessons.  We are currently studying animal life and then will move onto plant life {I think}.  I roam around the Internet and library for resources to use.  It's a treasure hunt for those who homeschool.  HA HA! 


Each week I pick 1 book for each girl to read that goes with our history lesson.  Today they took their test on The Assyrians so I picked each girl a book about Gilgamesh to read.  After they finish reading the book I have picked out for them they will practice their cursive and punctuation by writing a paragraph about what they read.  I have them write about each book they read.  A few times I have read a book aloud during the week and might have them write about it.  Superdad spent two weeks reading The Odyssey to the girls at bedtime and they loved it.  So did he.

Right now he is reading Greenglass House to the girls before bed because it's the book club read of the month.  O goes to book club once a month at the library with other homeschool children.

I have been slack on art because they are always doing some craft around the house.  When we start school back I will be giving them an art project to work on.

The girls take french once a week from an online class the library offers for free.  It's a great resource if you want to learn any language and it's free.

I have also been teaching the girls to cook in the kitchen and they enjoy that a lot.

We are mostly finished with school around 2.

Friday is a half day for us and it's basically the multiplication test, reading literature and make-up any work not complete from the week.  Then we go to the library.  Friday is also field trip day.  Homeschool kids have all the fun!  Ha ha.

Whew, I'm tired from typing this up and it's why I procrastinated for WEEKS to sit down and type it up.

Have any questions??  Advice??  Words of encouragement??

Comment below with a digital hug!


Teresa Locklear said…
Sounds like you guys are doing wonderful things! I can tell you after homeschooling forever that each year can change as well. When my youngest used to have therapy I realized we weren't doing school b/c I was tired :) I've had to change that several times over the years (LOL) We did a half day Monday and my mom asked me last night didn't I know it was a holiday? (LOL) I told her yes, but we had a busy week with appointments, so I figured half a day would be great. I have changed curriculum many times and it's hard when there is so much out there :) Our oldest graduates in May, he's never gone to public school. Our middle is a freshman and she's been home forever. The youngest went to More at Four for about 6 months. I was told it would be nice for him to get all his therapy there and I'd have more time for the others. It didn't work out that way :) It's hard, I cry often, I love it, I've realized I want to help homeschool my grandchildren and it's really a day-to-day experience :) I'm curious to see if any of my kids will homeschool.
Supermom said…
Thank you Teresa.