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I'm just not Supermom anymore....

I think I’m just worn out with blogging. I’ve been around a long time and I think I have given all the advice that I know. You firs...

Conversations with my best friend BG. #thebgs

This will be a random question that will be from a CrAzY conversation with my Beastie Grits.

The first ever question asked since the very small, more work to do, blog change over.

1)  Where do you keep your wine?

My response,

"Above the washing machine as no one else knows how to use such a complex machine."

She said, I picture with her hands on her hips, "Yeah, NO SHIT!  LOL"

Beastie Grits  The Bgs.

Thank you thank you thank you,

Who’s your favorite child? I know you have one. We all have one. Right? #keepingitreal

Folly Beach 2017

Recently on vacation with the crew my three daughters were giving me hell saying their brother Ben, who wasn’t able to come with us because of school and work, was my favorite.  Blah blah.

Ben could get away with murder and Mom would help bury the body!!!

Such crazy talk.

So the WHOLE week we were at the beach it’s all I heard from the three girls.

Ben this.  Ben that.  Ben this.  Mom would never let me do that but Ben does.

Insert HUGE Mom eyeroll here.

This got me to thinking.

All four of my kids have been my favorite at one time or another.  I really feel it’s that way with all parents and their children.  Hannah was my favorite when she was little and as she likes to tease her sisters - she became my favorite when she moved out of the house and when she made me a grandmother.  Twitch twitch.  I am too flipping young to be a grandmother?!?  It still feels weird telling people that I have a granddaughter.  I love sweet sweet baby and we are blessed to have her in our life.

Then when Ben was born I had this adorable little boy with the bluest eyes looking at me.  I can remember him being so tender hearted and he would cry if his hands got dirty while playing outside.  My sweet gentle Ben.  He has always warmed my heart and he’s such a fine young man.  He reminds me of myself the most.  We just go with the flow in life.

Then sweet shy Olivia with her big brown eyes.  She came later in my life and I really felt I was a better parent and able to enjoy her more.  We would snuggle at naptime and I’d make up a story for her every day.  Mostly about Dora, her favorite, and some grand adventure she and Map were going on.  I can still hear her tell me, “You make the best stories Mommy”.  She was our princess, our clown, and our precious shy little girl.  Now she’s 12 going on 26 and driving me batty.  You’d think I’d have hormonal teenage girls down pat but I do not.

Last but not least Ninja Gurl came into our lives.  I believe she was EVERYONE'S favorite.  HA HA!  She’s silly, she’s weird, she’s funny, and she’s totally a Ninja.  Ever since we took her to see Wonder Woman she wants to be her now.  Kicking ass all the way!  With a side of Wednesday Addams of course.  Remember I said she’s weird.  In a good way and yes there is a good way.

So, at different stages each of my children have been a favorite of mine.  And at times I haven’t really been fond of any of them.  Innocent glare here.  #keepingitreal

So on vacation my three daughters gave me a hard time about their brother sooooooo I really got them good!  On our last night we were making our yearly trek to the lighthouse for pictures and fun when I see a body of water behind some trees.

I tell everyone, “I hope there’s not an alligator in there.”

Then hub chimes in “I don’t know what I’d do.  Grab the kids and run.”

Me being the mom said, “I’d sacrifice myself for the children.”

Ninja Girl, “You would not.”

Me, “Yes, I would.”  Then I pretend to throw myself at the alligator to protect my young all while shouting, “Tell Ben he’s my favorite!!!”

Insert lots of laughter and a very dirty glare from Ninja Gurl.

I really don’t have a favorite child as they are all unique in their own way with such different personalities that shine out.  I may tease them but I love them dearly and wouldn’t hesitate to throw myself in the jaws of an alligator to protect them.

Because that’s what Moms do.

Topless Thursday #TT

Folly Beach 2017
Folly Beach, South Caroline Vacation 2017

This is not an actual "topless" picture and I wasn't topless while I took this picture.  I just wanted to get away from the norm of "Wordless Wednesday" and turn it into something more fun.  Know what I mean?

My mind went to "topicless" immediately.  Then my pervy mind went right to "topless".

Then "Topless Thursday" was born.

You're welcome.

Today was a sad day. I realized that my kids don’t think of me.

I kind of figured that was the case but I was in denial.

I did give birth to them and nurse them from my breast.  Yanno, that kind of thinking.

Then this morning….

I woke up, went to make coffee as they are already bickering in the living room.

Then I see it!  Like a huge RED flashing light.

I about fell to my knees and cried out “why don’t you love me?”.

They wouldn’t have heard me over their bickering anyway.

So, I sadly put the EMPTY milk jug in the recycles.

This just proved that NO one listened when I gave the “Save Mommy Enough Milk For Her Morning Coffee Speech”!!

Like I didn’t know this but I had hope.

Sniff sniff.

No one ever listens to Mommy.

Look at how sad my coffee cup looks all empty???  Tragic.

Empty coffee cup.

The Great Debate - Who loves the other more or the most?

It’s the usual night time ritual with parents and kids.  After the bedtime story has been read, and covers are tugged up, right down to their sleepy smile.  You know it’s about to be on!

I love you.

I love you more.

I love you most.

Nope, not possible.  I love you the most.

I love you a million times more.

Kid!  You ain’t gonna win this debate.  Trust me.  We gave you life.  Even though we used to wipe your butt for you, WE still love you the most.

One night I was in bed as my youngest was hollering her “I love yous” to me.  I was a genius, I tell you and got her good.

Kid - I love you.

Mom - I love you more.

Kid - I love you most.

Mom - You probably do.

Bwah ha ha ha.  Score one or five for MOM.

Some days it may feel as if the kids do love us the most but deep down we will always love them more.  It’s just the way it is.  No matter how they may irritate the crap out of us, we will continue to adore them.

Just don’t spill my wine...

Eating Crackers in the Bed - I am a shitty parent and you might be too.

Recently I recovered from a cold that had me in bed for a few days and nights, just sleeping.  Earaches, sore throat, and headache and just generally feeling yucky.  It wasn’t how I had expected to spend my weekend for sure.

Sadly, or maybe not, when I don’t feel good it prompts me to make changes.  I started thinking about the blog and should I change the name.  Changing my name on Twitter and Instagram as I try to move away from the glitter that once was Supermom.

Know what I mean?

I tried to leave the blogging world but I listened to my peeps.  They wouldn’t LEAVE me alone.

Then I got the best email from a PR company I had recently worked with saying, "You have more to say than you think. Keep posting. All of life is funny, strange and wonderful! :)".

So my friends didn’t want me to leave.  I didn’t want to continue to be Supermom.  I wanted to be myself.  I want you to know that it’s okay if you are a shitty parent.  You probably aren’t but I know I think I am a shit parent at least three times a day.  Possibly four or five times if I’ve been drinking.

The new blog, which isn’t named yet, will be all about me, raw, just the truth with some sarcasm.  I may cuss and I may not.  Ha ha.  No, there will be cussing.  Telling you there wouldn’t be would be misleading and remember the “RAW” Michelle is all about keeping it real.

A place for all the bad parents to unite in one place!  At a place to be named at a later date.

It’s okay to have an off day and not even look at Pinterest for a week or even a month.  It’s okay to not feed them a hot dinner!!  It’s okay to let them not brush their teeth before bed.  It’s okay if they are dirty and don’t want to take a bath.  I promise they aren’t going to end up in therapy, well, I don’t know if I can promise that, I just know it won’t be because I didn’t try to be the best mom they’ve ever had.

Give a gal a break, I just had this brilliant idea over the weekend.

What would you like to see on the new blog?  Comment below and let me know.

I should be in the CIA. Maybe they have a parenting division?

Kids just gross me out.  Totally.  It's always about poop, farting, burping, and boogers.

It's making me crazy.  Like want to drop the "F" bomb crazy.

The other day I found a booger wiped on the arm of the couch while cleaning house.  WTF!?!?!

Were they raised by wolves??  Do they know how to walk to the bathroom and get some tissue?


Come on.  I know we all pick our nose occasionally and if you say you don't then you are totally lying.

So I thought about how to handle the situation.

At bedtime I told the girls I was collecting their toothbrushes and booger to send off for DNA testing to see who the BOOGER belonged to since no one would take blame.

I knew it was Ninja.  It says "totally lazy Ninja" all over it but she wouldn't admit it.

It seems like this happened with my son too, wiping a booger on the wall in his bedroom, and it was brought up on LIVE TV about 8 years ago.  You'd think my kids were learn.

I will talk about them.  I will tell all their dirty habits.

The Peggy Denny Show and Keystone Meats
I was on TV.

Michelle Lee Asheville NC

I was absolutely thrilled to be asked to come cook on The Peggy Denny Show a few weeks ago to show how fabulous Keystone Meats are for a busy parent like myself.  I'm no stranger to Peggy Denny as my Mamaw watches her show and has told me about her.  I was super excited to call my Mamaw to tell her I was going to be on Peggy's show!

Michelle Lee Asheville NC

Michelle Lee Asheville NC

Here's one of the recipes that I cooked on the show,

Skillet Lasagna Florentine

I was impressed with Keystone Meats as someone who cooks all the time for my family.  The meat is tender, tastes delicious, and cuts down on the cooking time which means dinner is on the table a lot quicker.

Keystone Meats

Only two ingredients.  Meat and Sea Salt
Cooked and ready to use.
The Keystone family are butchers who take pride in their product.

For four generations, our family has been proudly producing quality all natural lean meats and flavorful broths without artificial ingredients. We don’t compromise quality because neither would you. It’s what we serve our family so you can proudly serve yours. Enjoy.

Check Keystone Meats out for LOTS of recipes and they host giveaways!

I hope you enjoy seeing me on TV.  A big thanks to everyone that busy day I cooked on the show.

Michelle Lee Asheville NC

If you want to keep up with me, Michelle Lee of The Adventures of Supermom then feel free to send me a friend request on Facebook as that's where I post the most.  Also Instagram!!!  I also love fan mail, you can email me at iheartsupermom@aol.com

I'm just not Supermom anymore....

I think I’m just worn out with blogging.

I’ve been around a long time and I think I have given all the advice that I know.

You first met me 13 years ago when I was pregnant with my third child.  Then came number 4, NINJA GURL, who has made you laugh out loud while I have shaken my head.  You were there for me when I was going through depression and anxiety and when I had to have a hysterectomy.   You've been there for parenting nightmares, proms, graduation, holidays, and birthdays.  Then you were excited with me when I became a grandmother and added Mamaw to the list of names that people call me,  We've been best friends without getting matching tattoos.

My kids are older and don’t do crazy silly things anymore.

I don’t do crazy silly things anymore.

Well, that’s not true,  I do silly things but I post them mostly to Facebook.  If you want to keep up with the there then send me a friend request.

In fact that is the best way to keep up with me since I’m not going to be posting here that much anymore.

**If you’re a company and want to work with me then just send me an email iheartsupermom@aol.com and we can work something out.  I love social networking!!!

If you’re just a friendly reader of mine then head on over to Facebook and send me a friend request.

I’m touched with all the Supermom love that I have received and always know that

“Without you, I’d just talking to myself”.

I’m hanging up my Supermom cape because it is no longer needed and will go by Michelle from now on.  LOL

I want everyone to go enjoy a fabulous book, sit out in the sun {with sunscreen}, eat fabulous food, enjoy tequila shots, and have great adventures!!!  

So long and thanks for all the fish.

Just Roll With It

We bowl on Tuesdays.  With tequila.  Note I didn't say we were all that good but we sure do laugh a lot.

The BGs.

Bowling buddies

PLAYMOBIL 1.2.3. My Take Along Farm {A Review from my Granddaughter}

I love it when PLAYMOBIL contacts me about a product because they always send the fun stuff.  This time is was a My Take Along Farm for sweet sweet baby.  She was super excited when she came over to my house one day and saw the box in my bedroom.  We couldn’t get it open fast enough for her to enjoy.  She set it up in the living room and even let Sophie play with her.  {More like Sophie is a camera hog and couldn’t stand that I wasn’t taking her picture.}

PLAYMOBIL 1.2.3. My Take Along Farm

PLAYMOBIL 1.2.3. My Take Along Farm

PLAYMOBIL 1.2.3. My Take Along Farm

Wordless Wednesday #WW
Last night was league night.

The BGs.

Just in case you've forgotten...

We've known each other since middle school.

Here's a before picture.

Michelle Lee, The Adventures of Supermom

A Day in My Life {Just Michelle}

Recently, as in two weeks ago, I went bowling with my friend Kelby and we had a blast.  I was able to see people that I used to work with and people that were regulars at the bowling alley were I worked briefly.

Briefly as in when we started to homeschool the girls in November and I left a part time I enjoyed.

However I enjoy teaching my girls more than the part time job.

I have always been for the most part a stay at home parent then I added full time teacher to my role.

I didn't have a moment to myself.

I think it was getting to me.

So while bowling with Kelby that night I saw where a new bowling league was starting and it was right up my alley.  Pun intended.

Last week I joined the league.  I had so much fun.  My son and his girlfriend bowled with me.

I needed this.

Michelle Lee at The Adventures of Supermom
It's all about the shoes.

SpellingClassroom.com {An amazing fun and learning review. Perfect for #homeschool and for that child who may need extra help in spelling.}

Spelling Classroom .comI’ve been blogging and posting on social media about our homeschool experience just in case someone else is going through the same thing and in the chance that someone can even offer advice.

We started our wonderful homeschool adventure in November 2016 and it has been a learning experience.  I had to find what works for and what doesn’t work for us.  I’ve found programs we love and programs that didn’t work for the girls which required me to find another program to replace it with.

We use Spelling Workout for both girls and I love the workbooks they use weekly for a new lesson however they didn’t have the word definitions with each lesson so the girls could learn that too.  I didn’t want them to have to look up twenty plus words a week in the dictionary because it would have taken them ALL day to do that.

So I started looking around online for a program that allowed the girls to enter their weekly spelling list from their Spelling Workout workbooks that told the girls the definitions.  A lot of programs I found online have pre-made lists and activities that allow you to learn the words that way but I wanted a program where the girls could enter their own words.

BINGO!!!  FOUND ONE!!!!!!  I have bragged and bragged about this program because it’s perfect.

Spelling Classroom is amazing for any child who needs an extra boost with spelling and learning definitions.  You can enter your own words or use one of their preloaded lists.  Once your child enters their spelling list or use one of Spelling Classrooms then they can do different activities that help them learn their words.

Spelling Classroom .com

Wordless Wednesday #WW
{Robins in the snow.}

When we had snow a few weeks ago I got these great pics of the robins in the snow.

Robins in the snow.  #asheville
One fat robin.

Robins in the snow.  #asheville
Look at all those fat robins.

Supermom Reviews
This is where I post all the links of products that have been sent to me.

I must deeply apologize to those companies that have sent me a product but I didn't get around to posting a review on this blog The Adventures of Supermom®.  All I can say is things got super busy, laptop being dead for months - coming back to life only to DIE A SLOW PAINFUL death after a month making me lose everything {yes, everything}, getting a job outside the house at a bowling alley {where I met amazing people that are now friends}, WRIST SURGERY where I was in a cast for 6 weeks and then a brace, then pulling our kids out of their private Montessori school so I could homeschool them.

Summer vacation.  Bad back.  Yadda yadda yadda.

Or is that yada yada yada??


I have been wanting to just make a list with links so you could check these wonderful companies out.  Tell them Supermom sent ya.  {insert big smile here}

* Element Snacks

They sent an assortment of delicious rice cakes.  Gluten free. Non GMO, No artificial ingredients.

They are the perfect treat and come in so many different flavors for every craving.

Homeschool ~ 9 Weeks {Not for the timid and weak.}

Michelle Lee at The Adventures of Supermom

We've done it!!!!!   We've been homeschooling for 9 weeks {tomorrow}.  After tomorrow we will have 9 days off.  Woot woot.  We are trying the 3 weeks on 1 week off schedule right now. 

It's been an adventure for sure.  We have learned what works for us and what we needed to change because it did not work for us.

Homeschool is not for the weak!!  I've had to drag myself out of bed on a few mornings for school and even make myself finish school after our lunch break!  I even had to teach recovering from wrist surgery.  While sick!  I thought stay at home parents didn't get any rest.  I was totally wrong.  Stay at home parents that homeschool their kids get ZERO ZERO ZERO rest.  ZEROOOOO!

Thankfully Superdad took on making dinner at night for me.  I cook every once in awhile but he mostly holds the fort down.  {Without feeding them cold cereal or almond butter sandwiches every night.}  I don't know how he does it.  I'd sprinkle some cereal on the dining room table myself.  Ha ha.  I'm joking....sort of...

I know that everyone who homeschools has a different schedule and what may work for someone may not for the next person that comes around.  Thankfully I have The Well-Trained Mind book to look back on for reference and a couple Facebook groups and some great FB friends to bother when I want to ask a question.

Real quick I thought I'd share my schedule because I am always being asked.

Library Book Find
{A beautiful French book. Le Bandeau by Félicien Hampsaur}

Superdad started it!

Buying used books at the library for a DEAL!  A buck for hardcover and fifty cents for a paperback.

Told you it was a deal.

So every once in awhile I scope out the books and I have found some amazing ones!  I don’t even mind if I cannot read them because they are in another language.

This little French beauty has tickled me pink.  I love it!  LOVE IT!  LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

It was written in 1916 by Félicien Hampsaur and it includes the most beautiful pictures in it.  Nude pics.  Beautiful nude pics.  Drawn pictures not nude photographs.  That’s what makes it extra special to me.

I thought I shouldn’t keep it all to myself so I wanted to share a few pictures with you.

The Adventures of Supermom