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No one wants to die in the forest!! Kids have a way with words.

Conversations with my best friend BG. #thebgs

Who’s your favorite child? I know you have one. We all have one. Right? #keepingitreal

Topless Thursday #TT

Today was a sad day. I realized that my kids don’t think of me.

The Great Debate - Who loves the other more or the most?

Eating Crackers in the Bed - I am a shitty parent and you might be too.

I should be in the CIA. Maybe they have a parenting division?

Drum Roll Please......
Here's The Peggy Denny clips from the show I was on.

A Dogs Life

The Peggy Denny Show and Keystone Meats
I was on TV.

It was a Happy Birthday kind of dinner.
A Wordless Wednesday Post #WW

I'm just not Supermom anymore....

Wordless Wednesday #WW
{I think I look pretty in this picture.}

I made a baby blanket.

The damn best peanut butter pie AROUND!!!!! I love True Confections in Asheville, NC.

Just Roll With It

Wordless Wednesday #WW
{It's not just happy to see you, it's a UNICORN!!!}

The she turned 12
To the best twelve year old I know. I love you, Mommy

Wordless Wednesday #WW
Last night was league night.

Wordless Wednesday #WW {A day at the park.}

A Day in My Life {Just Michelle}

Wordless Wednesday #WW
{Robins in the snow.}

She marches for the future. #womensmarch
Women's Rights are Human Rights

Homeschool ~ 9 Weeks {Not for the timid and weak.}

Library Book Find
{A beautiful French book. Le Bandeau by Félicien Hampsaur}