Step 1 is complete.

The girls last day was October 31st.  It was a bittersweet moment for them.  Missing their friends, missing their teachers, missing their friends.

You get the drift.

But for us it was an ordinary day.  It was in fact just Halloween.  We went through the neighborhood with my granddaughter and friends. It was really nice. Lovely O was Bat Girl and Ninja was poison ivy and I went as Just Michelle. Sweet sweet baby was a giraffe and she was the best giraffe I've ever seen.

This past week the girls have been unschooling.  I've encouraged them to sleep late and play outside in the middle of the day.  I took them to play mini golf to practice their math and I took them with me as I voted for History.  I taught Lovely O how to make tuna salad then she made sandwiches.  I also encouraged them to help in our school room to get ready for our big day.

Our school is even official!!!  With a name!!!!  In North Carolina you have to notify them that you are taking your child out of school to home school them and you must name your school.  It was exciting for Superdad and myself to come up with this name for our school, a school where we will teach our girls all sorts of fun subjects, a school where they will laugh and be encouraged to learn,  a school that I will love teaching.

We will enjoy the weekend as we prepare for homeschool on Monday. 

Do you want to share a story with me from when you started to homeschool your children?