Setting up our homeschool space.

The clock is ticking and we have so much to do!  The girls last day of school is October 31, Halloween, a Monday.  Then I want to spend the rest of the week with the girls helping set up the classroom and getting everything we need for the following week set up.

I am currently on Amazon Prime and Barnes and Noble checking out who has the best price.  I am filling the paperwork out to get the Educator price at B&N and that will help out a lot!!!  Better than Amazon Prime.

It’s nice to see it all coming together.  I’m sitting in the room now looking around.  I see the shelf that Superdad built, while I was grumpy and it bed last night from having my wrist MRI and anxiety was kicking my butt, as a surprise.  I see the girl’s cubby that they picked out this morning.  I see colored pencils, books, my cup of coffee and duct tape.

I see memories in the making.  Laughter.  Hard work.  Science projects.  Math.  Spelling.  Reading.  I see love.  I see the love for our children.  I know we are blessed with this journey but I know we are anxious about it all too and we are allowed to be.  This is a big change.

Here are two pictures that I just took to show you the progress.  The round table is going to H’s house and in it’s place will be two huge bean bag chairs so the girls can relax and read and work in if they don’t want to use the big table.  After things are pretty much put together and moved I can put the adorable button rug from Ikea down.

Our school table and new blue chairs.  Our shelves for books, binders and school supplies.

This will be our bean bag quiet reading place when the table gets gone.

Anyway, I am going to get ready for my doctors appointment for the MRI results.

Up next:  WOW!  So many programs to choose from!!!  The ones that work with our family.