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No one wants to die in the forest!! Kids have a way with words.

Then and Now

Wordless Wednesday #WW

When auto-correct goes wrong.

How hard is it?

Every day I wander into my bathroom and come across this.  I wonder if it's invisible to the kids?  Why else wouldn't they rinse out the sink?

Supermom had wrist surgery Monday. {I love Dr. Lechner in #asheville}

Where did you buy that?? {Supermom shops for school.}

Since we have been working on our homeschooling room people have been asking where certain things have come from,

Ohh, that rug!  Those chairs!!

So I just thought I'd make a blog post about the things we have added to our room.

One word.


Superdad made a trip last weekend and brought home all sorts of goodies.  We love Ikea!!!

Setting up our homeschool space.

The clock is ticking and we have so much to do!  The girls last day of school is October 31, Halloween, a Monday.  Then I want to spend the rest of the week with the girls helping set up the classroom and getting everything we need for the following week set up.

I am currently on Amazon Prime and Barnes and Noble checking out who has the best price.  I am filling the paperwork out to get the Educator price at B&N and that will help out a lot!!!  Better than Amazon Prime.

It’s nice to see it all coming together.  I’m sitting in the room now looking around.  I see the shelf that Superdad built, while I was grumpy and it bed last night from having my wrist MRI and anxiety was kicking my butt, as a surprise.  I see the girl’s cubby that they picked out this morning.  I see colored pencils, books, my cup of coffee and duct tape.

I see memories in the making.  Laughter.  Hard work.  Science projects.  Math.  Spelling.  Reading.  I see love.  I see the love for our children.  I know we …