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I'm just not Supermom anymore....

I think I’m just worn out with blogging. I’ve been around a long time and I think I have given all the advice that I know. You firs...

Coming soon: Is homeschooling for us?

Homeschooling 101.

What are we doing? 

Setting up a school room.

Setting up a curriculum.

Products we want.

Products we use.

Products we love.

The Well-Trained Mind here we come.

We can do this.  {chanting}

No seriously, it’s me, not you….

Too busy to blog.  I’m sorry.



No time to do anything related to blog.  I will try to make a list with links to the companies I have product for here at the house.

Retired mostly.

I may tell you funny stories and share pictures.

You know I love you.

What does Supermom do when she has a day off? {A post that supposed to post a week ago but I forgot to publish it.}

Sunday {Like this was eight days ago} I had my first day off in a few days and I was a total bum.  Like sit in the porch and take pictures of my birds while drinking a cold beer kind of day.

I wanted to share them with you because they are totally cool.  I’ve enjoyed watching the birds the past couple of years and now that I have an awesome super cool lens I can zoom up on the a lot better.

Here you go.  Birds in the Asheville, NC area.

Birds Asheville, NC
Baby Cardinal

Birds Asheville, NC
Baby Cardinal and Tufted Titmouse