August already…

...skipping around.

The girls have new bookbags, pencil holders, lunch boxes, water bottles and clothes so I reckon they are ready enough come next week.

This summer has flown by so fast and I just cannot believe school starts next Tuesday. I’m glad we have had a busy summer filled with laughter, love, sand and friendship. {I hope that every summer is like that!}

If I had one wish it would be that, to enjoy summer.

When I was a little girl before electronics took over {I’m ancient} we roamed the neighborhood seeing what mischievous stuff we could do. Playing in a cold creek that ran through a cow pasture and using sheets to cover an old picnic table so we could sleep under it at night. Doing handstands in the front yard. Listening to my mom’s albums. Reading lots of books. Writing. Playing baseball and football with the neighborhood boys.

Everything was so simple then. At times I wish my kids could experience summers like I did as a young girl.

But everything has changed. Kids have changed. Life is too busy these days and there are too many choices. Cringe.

I know my kids are glad that school is starting and I am too but I also know that I will miss them terribly. Maybe just for a few days then I’ll get over it.

{gentle smile}