We don’t need no stink’en gutter guards.
{What my kids have taught me while bowling.}

Michelle Lee at The Adventures of Supermom
Bowling on July 6, The Three Amigos

School has been out and I’m not lying when I say this but I was looking forward to having my girls home for the summer. “Yeah yeah, but I bet they’ve been driving you crazy?” Nope, we’ve been having a great time. We really have been. When I took them bowling during spring break I learned about the summer bowling program at AMF so when the program started we got the both girls a pass and {of course} one for me.

It’s kind of bit me in the butt because for years I couldn’t get my family to bowl with me and now that I can get them to bowl, my back will not let me have a fantastic bowling form. UGH!

We’ve had so much fun bowling a couple times of week. Lovely O and Ninja Gurl love bowling!! They love that they are getting better with each roll. They don’t even mind the occasional gutter ball.

While I have been teaching them to bowl I haven’t let them use gutter guards because I believe they need to “roll” with the punches. Pun intended. I can remember a day when the kids that performed well in a sport where the only ones to get a blue ribbon instead of everyone getting a trophy for playing.

Shrug. It just confuses me why we do this? Just so there are no hurt feelings? I didn’t always win at field day and not getting a trophy didn’t ruin my life. Yanno? I feel the same way with gutter guards and know the kids may get disappointed that they get a gutter ball but it only makes them better.

I just encourage them and let them know that a gutter ball doesn’t mean failure that they just have to work a little bit on aiming and throwing the ball a little bit harder.

They learn the game and they get their very own trophy in time, a STRIKE.
Seeing their smile is worth it all. Lovely O and Ninja do get so happy when they get a spare or strike - better than Christmas morning.

{getting all warm and fuzzy}

What my kids have taught me while bowling:

  1. The bowling alley serves the best food.
  2. The more bowling balls we have on the rack, the more fun we have.
  3. Gutter balls are horrible...walk it off.
  4. Even though the game room stinks they still want more quarters.
  5. No matter what the score is we always go home laughing planning our next bowling trip.
  6. Always carry a pair of socks in the van. You never know when you may end up at the bowling alley.

I’m really having a great time with my kids and they seen to be having a great time with me.

Honey for Christmas we all want our own bowling ball. {gentle smile}