I am not pregnant.

Diet. Me diet?? Why I never! I've always been tall and slender with nice boobs and no ass. I was okay most of the time about not having an ass, shrug, I was just skinny. Even in high school I probably weighed 100 pounds, soaking wet, with my white socks on and my Birkenstocks. {We can save the sock with sandals talk for another day.}

AND talking about never thinking I’d need to diet - my nickname in high school was TWIG which was given to me by my best friend because her name was also Michele and it made telling us apart much easier! I can still hear that beautiful woman yelling TWIG all over the place.

I’m pretty sure I may have felt I look fat in school because isn’t that what all teenage girls believe but I never thought about dieting or not eating. I absolutely love food too much. I grew up in south with homemade southern cooking, need I say more.

In my wildest dreams I just never thought I'd be one to struggle with weight and even after having my kids the weight just melted off on its own. That and giving up the Mint Oreos. It had to be the cookies for sure that was holding me back.


After I turned 40 I ended up in bed with a back thing and I’ve been dealing it with for two years already. That and count having a hysterectomy in my thirties. Double whammy for Michelle.

So here I am, a 42 year old weighing in at 141 pounds. I started this diet journey on June 6 and I weighed 147 pounds. It's be extremely difficult for me to get below 140. I will get to 140.2 then go back to 142 then 141 then 142 then 140.6 BUT to see 139.something on my scale is something I have yet to see.

It bums me out.

I started Adkins on June 6th and have been pretty adamant sticking to the diet albeit a few slips ups.

Hannah's birthday cake, Superdad's homemade strawberry pie for his birthday, the homemade ricotta cheesecake I make last week, that box of granola with raisins cereal, those chocolate chips with the almond butter...

Last week after making the homemade ricotta cheese with a pear and grappa sauce I headed to my Mamaw's house to have everyone there eat the pan of cheesecake to get it out of the house. It was delicious! While there I was able to visit with family and all four of my kids and even sweet sweet baby. It was a nice time and I was excited about looking thinner and feeling secure about the few pounds I have lost.

Was still feeling it some the next few days.

Until my Mamaw shared a recent conversation with me.

{This happened after leaving my Mamaw's house that day.}

My uncle to my Mamaw: Michelle's pregnant.

Mamaw: No she is not.

My uncle: How do you know?

Mamaw: It would be a miracle. She's had surgery, hysterectomy.

So there!! No, I am not pregnant, I just happen to weigh a few extra pounds in the middle.

I'm off to throw that skirt away that I was wearing that day and eat a salad.

I have now shared reason #12 for me going on a diet.