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I'll never be a good writer because of my Mamaw.

I'm a shit writer. I don't use correct grammar all the time or finish my sentences. I write like I speak. I obliterate the English language and it's not because my English teacher didn't teach me the proper way because she did. I blame my Mamaw {teasing of course} and I'll tell you why.

Mamaw always says, “Plain talk is easily understood.”

She's right in a lot of situations. Don't beat around the bush or sugar coat it, just say it out loud in plain english. Plain talk is easy to understand.

The other morning I was awake early in bed and I could hear the birds out my window making a loud commotion. I pulled out my Sudoku book from the nightstand to write it down and try to make it poetic. {Laughing}

I hear the mourning Dove before dawn
Her far off cry resonates through my body
She brings back memories of long lost loves
Perhaps she mourns her lost loves too

Cheesy I know. I just wanted to play with the words and write it better.

I hear the mourning Dove before dawn from my warm slumber.
Drowsy from sleep her sorrowful cry clings to my soul.
She brings back memories of long forgotten loves.
Perhaps she mourns her lost loves too.

Eh...it will do.

Then I remembered what my Mamaw always says.

So I looked over the words and knew I could make it better.

“I wish the birds would STFU so I can sleep! It's 530 am!!!!!!!”

I think I nailed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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