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There's an Apple for That by Stemilt Growers #TheresAnAppleForThat {Apples! Apples! Apples!}

The Adventures of Supermom, Michelle LeeThere’s an Apple for That is a campaign by Stemilt Growers that aims to cast a spotlight on the many available apple varieties, each with their own unique flavor, texture and cooking characteristics. Whether baking a pie, pairing with cheese, tossing in a salad or turning into preserves, certain apples work best for particular cooking needs, based on factors such as acidity, sweetness, firmness and how well they hold up to heat.

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The Adventures of Supermom.  There's an apple for that.

Two years ago today everything changed for me.

Michelle Lee

Two years ago I was excited to be on live TV as a Lifestyle Expert in Greenville, South Carolina that I loaded up the van with two of my kids, my Mamaw and great aunt for the trip. The live TV segment was a bust because I didn't have the product to talk about and I was upset but I looked good so I guess it wasn't a total disaster.

Driving back I started getting a funny cramp in my right leg. I remember taking my shoe off and rubbing my leg but it wouldn't go away. Then when I woke up the next morning I was in excruciating pain and didn't know why. Thankfully my doc has Saturday hours so I went it for a visit. The consensus was I had hurt my back. But how? I was only driving.

Those horrible days turned into awful weeks and then agonizing months. Doctor after doctor, test after test, deep in medical debt. Chiropractics, yoga, rolfing, physical therapy, resting and trying to move. It was frustrating for me because I could not see anything wrong but it was there.

There is a bulge at L1 and L2 but it's located in what they call the “spinal cone” so surgery is not an option because more nerves would have to be moved and they wouldn't know the outcome.

So I sit here most days afraid to move but move because things have to be done. I am still mom, wife, dog owner, friend and I'm still me. I want to live life and do things.

When this all started two years ago I crocheted all the grandparents am afghan for Christmas because I had the time and the yarn. Ha ha. I read a lot even though I'm STILL on book five of the Outlander series. This book is so slow that it stopped me dead in my tracks. I hear it's the slowest one and the hardest to get through and so far that is correct for me. I don't blog as much because my laptop died in November and it's still dead. May it RIP.

I guess I want people to know that just because they don't see a cast or bandage that it doesn't mean I hurt every single day. I have to take my meds when I wake up to even get out of bed. I often find myself checking the time when I get up to pee so I can take my meds before it's time to get up. So if it's after 5am when I wake up I go ahead and take them so I can be up at 7am. I have to sit down more than I used to and steps are torture for me. Just torture because I am weak in my right leg and actually having to pick that leg up is difficult.

It's been a difficult journey for me.

Right now I am currently dieting the Adkins way to lose these 20 extra pounds I have gained while dealing with this. I took two years to gain so I have to be realistic knowing I won't lose it in a week.

Currently I have lost 7 pounds in three weeks.

I miss bread, pasta and sugar!!!!!!!

Boy do I miss my chocolate.

I can do this, I just have to be strong.

I'm sure there's a lesson in all of this somewhere.

I'm getting old. {I now have two kids that graduated from high school.}

In the beginning of June we all gathered together to watch handsome Ben graduate from high school.  It was so emotional for me and I was on the verge of tears for two days!  Ben may be my second child and my only son but he is my baby.  My boy.  My gentle caring Ben.

I took it hard that he was graduating from high school and technically considered an adult.  For a mother we see our kids much smaller even though IRL they are much older. Ben will always be my blond haired blue eyed boy that used to love to sit in my lap.

So, two down, two more to go.   Lord give me strength.

Random graduation pictures.

A. C. Reynolds 2016 Graduation

A. C. Reynolds 2016 Graduation

I'll never be a good writer because of my Mamaw.

I'm a shit writer. I don't use correct grammar all the time or finish my sentences. I write like I speak. I obliterate the English language and it's not because my English teacher didn't teach me the proper way because she did. I blame my Mamaw {teasing of course} and I'll tell you why.

Mamaw always says, “Plain talk is easily understood.”

She's right in a lot of situations. Don't beat around the bush or sugar coat it, just say it out loud in plain english. Plain talk is easy to understand.

The other morning I was awake early in bed and I could hear the birds out my window making a loud commotion. I pulled out my Sudoku book from the nightstand to write it down and try to make it poetic. {Laughing}

I hear the mourning Dove before dawn
Her far off cry resonates through my body
She brings back memories of long lost loves
Perhaps she mourns her lost loves too

Cheesy I know. I just wanted to play with the words and write it better.

I hear the mourning Dove before dawn from my warm slumber.
Drowsy from sleep her sorrowful cry clings to my soul.
She brings back memories of long forgotten loves.
Perhaps she mourns her lost loves too.

Eh...it will do.

Then I remembered what my Mamaw always says.

So I looked over the words and knew I could make it better.

My Son is Now an Eagle Scout {so proud}

Recently we attended Gentle Ben's Eagle Scout ceremony.

It was very touching seeing these young men in their uniforms that night all excited and proud of their accomplishments.   Sashes with all sorts of earned badges.  

When I was invited to stand by Ben I wasn't sure I'd be able to contain myself.  It was emotional seeing my baby grown into an amazing young man.  I've had a hard time with seeing him grow, just wait until I post about his high school graduation that was last weekend.  He may have been my second child but he will always be my baby.

Who is now an Eagle Scout.

I had the pleasure of pinning his Eagle Scout Pin on his uniform...the second time...we got it wrong the first time.  Gotta have a sense of humor.

A. C. Reynolds 2016 Graduation

Harmless Harvest Coconut Water

Harmless Harvest Coconut WaterWith temperatures rising, many of us are spending time outside with our kids—and we have to be mindful about staying hydrated in a healthy way.

Many of the flavorful drinks children ask for contain preservatives and additives that are produced in a factory and can be harmful. But what if we can provide the same (or better) hydration from something natural, something organic that is packed with loads of nutrients?

That's when I looked into natural sports drink alternatives to help my children and me stay hydrated during these hot summer days. Coconut water is an all-natural beverage which is loaded with super-food powers, but with the vast array of options on the market, it was time I explored how to identify truly great coconut water.

I recently partnered with Harmless Harvest, the first ever Fair-For-Life certified coconut water, to share insights on how to distinguish a premium coconut water from the rest. Here's why I think Harmless Harvest reigns supreme:

*  It maintains its unique, 'straight from the coconut' flavor thanks to its multi-step micro-filtration process

*  Has a longer shelf life without extra additives or preservatives

*  Is a hydrating all-natural alternative to sports drinks and juices

*  Contains vital nutrients that occur naturally in Harmless Harvest's specific young, green coconuts

Michelle Lee at The Adventures of Supermom
This how The Adventures of Supermom® enjoys her Harmless Harvest Coconut Water.
In the hammock on the front porch enjoying a cool breeze while the kids play in the yard.

Can you tell me what this is? {What are things I find while cleaning the kid's room?}

Michelle Lee at The Adventures of Supermom

I know what it is but I wonder if you know what it is.  I'll give you one clue.

It was found in the girl's bedroom when I was helping them clean it last week.

Yeah, that's all I'll help with.

Think about it and make a few guesses and if you really want to know what "it" is then click continue reading.