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Dunkin’ Donuts now has Chocolate Chip Cookies
{Don't forget to celebrate National Donut Day with DD on June 3!}

In spring Dunkin’ Donuts unveiled a new Chocolate Chip Cookie in their restaurants and I was asked to give them a taste test. I'm so lucky, very lucky. Everyone loves chocolate chip cookies and donuts, it goes back to childhood for most of us. How about a chocolate chip cookie donut!?!?

Today I was able to get out of the house since the kids were in school and I was feeling better from this crummy cold so I wanted to stop by Dunkin’ Donuts for an iced coffee and some chocolate chip cookies.

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Jones Park in Asheville, North Carolina

The Adventures of Supermom

A tragedy happened at a playground recently and I don't think I'll ever be able to take my girls there again. It's been all over the news here in my town and it breaks my heart. I cried for this family.

Jones Park has been fun for all four of my kids the past 13 years but sadly it will never be the same. I wonder if lots of parents feel the same? I wonder if they will take their children again? I wouldn't be able to stop thinking of the tragedy that happened there.

Even though my two youngest children don't know what happened because we chose not to tell them. We chose not to tell them so they wouldn't have those thoughts mixed in with their love for playing there.

So much sadness.

The reason I chose to blog about this is because I was going through some pictures yesterday and came across ones of us playing there. It made me sad.

How will we as a community deal with this tragic loss and bring happiness back to the park? We mourn this loss and we pray for this family but will we ever be able to play there again. Or should we play there to bring back happiness, laughter and love to remember this family?

I just don't know.

I want to share these pictures of happier times at Jones Park. I hope this family know that they are in our thoughts and prayers. We mourn with you and we give you our love and understanding.

The Adventures of Supermom

The Adventures of Supermom

The Talking Shirt {A Fabulous Wearable Review}
Kindness is Always in Style

The Talking Shirt

This year I was introduced to The Talking Shirt, a family owned and operated business that sells shirts with kind uplifting positive messages. I have never liked clothing with rude things on them and I have never ever bought a pair of pants for myself or my kids with anything written on the butt. Seriously, why would I encourage strangers to read my kid’s butt?!?!? Call me crazy.

Sorry, I was going to get on a tangent.

I was contacted about reviewing a shirt and I was really excited. So I looked around and found the PERFECT one for me. A red sweatshirt that has Kindness is Always in Style on the front. I love this sweatshirt because it is totally me.

The Talking Shirt has different collections for the whole family. Faith Based, Bear Family, Birthday, Inspiration, Baby and what's On Trend.  These would make wonderful gifts for all the amazing people in your life so remember The Talking Shirt next time you need a gift.

I love this company! There are so many shirts I want!!!!!

Here are a few random pictures of me wearing my beautiful sweatshirt while at the aquarium with my four kids and granddaughter.

Remember kindness is always in style.

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