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Wilderness at the Smokies Hotel & Waterpark Resort in Sevierville, TN
{Winter Stay & Play FAM at Wilderness at the Smokies}

Life as a busy Supermom {Including Pictures}

The past few weeks {or year} have been extremely busy for me as a mom not even counting the personal issues I have of my own.  IE: back

It all started out with Lovely O having a major stomach bug that in turn made us cancel her birthday party.  It was awful.  Just awful.  I know this because I was the one taking care of her and sleeping with her at night.  She missed school and everything.  About the time she wasn't hugging the porcelain throne - Superdad became sick with the vicious tummy bug then {drum roll} Ninja Gurl became sick too.  At one point O and Ninja were in my bed and I was curled in the fetal position at the end while holding the throw up bowl for Ninja.

It was a very vicious tummy bug.  My poor babies were so sick.  So sick.

Then Lovely O somehow ending up with poison ivy all over her so that did require a trip to the doctor and on steroids for four days. She missed four days of school. It was rough being all itchy.

When everyone recovered it was time for spring break.  That meant I had to entertain kids.  I tried to keep them busy by locking them outside taking them bowling then I surprised them with an overnight trip to Gatlinburg to do the tourist stuff and visit the aquarium.  I even found a hotel with a tiny inside pool to entertain them after our busy first day.

I packed up four kids, one granddaughter and one family friend and hit the road.  The drive through the Foothills Parkway is one of my favorite things about the trip.  Bonus:  Not having a "man" in the car to fuss about all the potty breaks and sightseeing stops we made.  {insert a hearty laugh here}

We all had a nice time.  Lots of laughter.  Tasty treats.  It really was wonderful for me to be with my family and do those cheesy things I did as a child with my grandparents.

The Adventures of Supermom Michelle Lee
Checked in and hitting the strip.  Woot woot.

The Adventures of Supermom Michelle Lee
We had lunch at Dick's Last Resort.  It was HILARIOUS and a bit naughty.

The Adventures of Supermom Michelle Lee
I was Playmate of the Year 1812.

The Adventures of Supermom®
I ordered a Blue Moon thinking I'd get a bottle and not TIPSY.

The Adventures of Supermom Michelle Lee
When in Gatlinburg you hafta get an old timey photo made.

The Adventures of Supermom Michelle Lee
We all looked fabulous.  I look so young.  Perhaps I should do sepia tone to all my pics.

The Adventures of Supermom®
The Ripley's Aquarium in Gatlinburg, TN.

The Adventures of Supermom Michelle Lee
Selfie time.

The Adventures of Supermom®
No I will NOT touch a jelly fish.

Gatlinburg, TN Ripley's Aquarium
Meeting the penguins.

Gatlinburg, TN Ripley's Aquarium
All I can say.....GOT BUTTAH?

Gatlinburg, TN Ripley's Aquarium
Yes that is a real fish.  No kidding, it really is!!!  I'm being serious.  IT IS A REAL FISH.

Gatlinburg, TN Ripley's Aquarium
Playing hide and seek with the fishies.  Okay I give up!  Where are you hiding??

Gatlinburg, TN Ripley's Aquarium
The shark tunnel was by far my FAVORITE!!!!

Gatlinburg, TN Ripley's Aquarium
I could have spent all day in it.

Gatlinburg, TN Ripley's Aquarium
Don't you think I'm sexy?

Gatlinburg, TN Ripley's Aquarium
We stopped for a picnic before heading back home.

Gatlinburg, TN Ripley's Aquarium
I WILL stand here ALL DAY until I get this picture.  Said EVERY SINGLE MOM EVER.

Gatlinburg, TN Ripley's Aquarium
My family.  We need to photo shop Superdad in beside the granddaughter.

However, just when I thought I'd be sending my kids to school for some peace and quiet....

Ninja Gurl became sick with some crazy high fever, sore throat, earaches and annoying cough and she's been in my bed all week.  She's even there right now probably getting crumbs all in my bed.  I think it was Monday, I was washing a bathroom rug that Sophie had peed on {dirty glare at my dog} is about when Ninja spilled ORANGE Gatorade in the bed.  I had to jump up and tear everything off the bed to protect our new mattress.  I had to WASH everything on the bed.

It took all of my energy to not burst into tears.

I haven't slept at all this week.  I haven't slept for the past FEW weeks to get all technical.

I'm always doing for someone else in the house.  Every day almost all day.  Just when I think I have a moment to do nothing I will hear MOMMMMMMMY screamed across the house.  Not a single moment for myself.  I cannot even go to the bathroom alone. 

In time I know my kids will appreciate everything that I do for them.  At least I hope so.  {gentle smile}


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