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McDonald's brings back Cuties. #McDCarolinaCuties

Growing up fast food was always a treat, that little Happy Meal Box was all about making memories while eating hot salty delicious french fries with loads of ketchup. Times have changed and fast food isn't so much a special treat anymore but now a daily part of our diet.  I don't agree with this but it's convenient for the parent on the go with work, cheer leading practice, soccer and church to go through a drive thru for dinner.  I don't believe this is healthy to be a regular meal option for a growing child and I am proud that for my kids it IS a special treat, most likely on the road for a trip, and not a regular part of our life.

Where are the vegetables?   Where are the fruits?  

McDonald's is committed to offering improved nutrition choices for children, the restaurant has brought back Cuties as a side option in the Happy Meal and a la carte for the grown-ups.

On spring break I took the girls to McDonald's for a fun outing that included milk shakes too.  While they enjoyed their Happy Meal with Cuties I chowed down on a Ranch Chicken Wrap.  It is now my FAVORITE meal at McDonald's.

My girls were happy that their meal included fresh fruit for them as an option.  Me, the parent, was super thrilled too.  With McDonald's bringing the Cuties back it makes me feel even better about going as a special treat with the kids.

Thank you McDonald's for your continued effort to offer improved nutrition choices for my growing children.

The Adventures of Supermom Michelle Lee
I enjoyed taking pictures of our Cuties.

The Adventures of Supermom Michelle Lee

**I was not paid to post this, I was sent free meal cards to enjoy some Cuties with my girls.**

Life as a busy Supermom {Including Pictures}

The past few weeks {or year} have been extremely busy for me as a mom not even counting the personal issues I have of my own.  IE: back

It all started out with Lovely O having a major stomach bug that in turn made us cancel her birthday party.  It was awful.  Just awful.  I know this because I was the one taking care of her and sleeping with her at night.  She missed school and everything.  About the time she wasn't hugging the porcelain throne - Superdad became sick with the vicious tummy bug then {drum roll} Ninja Gurl became sick too.  At one point O and Ninja were in my bed and I was curled in the fetal position at the end while holding the throw up bowl for Ninja.

It was a very vicious tummy bug.  My poor babies were so sick.  So sick.

Then Lovely O somehow ending up with poison ivy all over her so that did require a trip to the doctor and on steroids for four days. She missed four days of school. It was rough being all itchy.

When everyone recovered it was time for spring break.  That meant I had to entertain kids.  I tried to keep them busy by locking them outside taking them bowling then I surprised them with an overnight trip to Gatlinburg to do the tourist stuff and visit the aquarium.  I even found a hotel with a tiny inside pool to entertain them after our busy first day.

I packed up four kids, one granddaughter and one family friend and hit the road.  The drive through the Foothills Parkway is one of my favorite things about the trip.  Bonus:  Not having a "man" in the car to fuss about all the potty breaks and sightseeing stops we made.  {insert a hearty laugh here}

We all had a nice time.  Lots of laughter.  Tasty treats.  It really was wonderful for me to be with my family and do those cheesy things I did as a child with my grandparents.

The Adventures of Supermom Michelle Lee
Checked in and hitting the strip.  Woot woot.

This one time on spring break....bowling with the kids.

I really had a fun fun fun time bowling with the kids last week.  I tried to talk them into forming a bowling league.  Like Moms with Kids or Because I Said So.

I like that.

My new bowling league is Because I Said So.  Coming to Asheville soon, probably in May when the summer special starts.  I'm soooooo buying a pass for me and the girls for summer.  I've already told my son to buy me a bowling ball for my birthday.  Perhaps he and his older sis can find me a light ball at Goodwill.

Then I must have a bowling shirt made for me.  Who will make me a personalized bowling shirt??

Okay, enough rambling.  Shut up Michelle and just show us the pictures.

Asheville. The Adventures of Supermom, Michelle Lee