Tag, you're it

It's Spring Break at the Supermom house and I'm trying my best to keep them busy.  I'll let you know on Sunday if I have survived.  Nahhh, I'm using this time to do fun things with my kids.

I'm sorry I haven't been around much, you'll find me on Facebook though because I can use my cell to post updates and pictures.  Still no laptop for me.  Kinda sucks.  Oh well.  Shrug.  I do miss posting over here though.

Everything in Asheville is going well I suppose.  I still have my back issue and that's a total pain.  Pun intended.

My son is getting ready to celebrate turning 18 and graduate high school and soon we will attend his Eagle Scout Ceremony.  It's exciting to see the young man he has become.  He's so kind, gentle and loving.  When he's not in front of his computer...which isn't often.  Right now I'm trying to talk him into going to prom and even offered to buy his ticket and rent his tux.  He'd be the best dressed young man there.

Hormonal Teenager, who isn't a teenager anymore, is back in school and working to get into the Dental Program.  Before she was at UNCA taking Education and Psychology then after Sweet Sweet Baby was born she wanted to make a change in her future.  When she's in school I get to watch SSB so I'm all good.

The girls are doing awesome.  Lovely O just turned 11 and Ninja will be 8 in April. We went to their Science Fair last week and it was pretty cool.  All these kids wanting to tell all about their project.  Earlier that week Lovely O was covered in poison ivy from head to toe so she missed FOUR days of school but worked on her project at home all on her own.  She was very dedicated in finishing and was upset that she might not get to share at the fair but she MADE IT.

While celebrating Easter Sunday we were able to snap a five generation picture.  We really are so blessed to have SSB in our life. 

The Adventures of Supermom, Michelle Lee

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