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The Case Studio GIVEAWAY {Also includes a The Case Studio 50% OFF discount code.}

The Adventures of Supermom®A year or so ago I did a review for The Case Studio when I had an iPhone and I was totally in love with my phone case because it suited my personality and it protected my phone.  Beauty and security all in one.

All original.

Like me.

The Adventures of Supermom®
My iPhone Case
Then last month I gave up the iPhone and now have a Samsung Galaxy S6 and my favorite case doesn't fit my new phone.

I tried but it was too small.  I kid, I didn't try but if I had thought it would have worked I would have.

I was sad that I didn't have my case.  Really sad.

So I emailed The Case Studio begging for a new case since I changed phones.  Sniff sniff.

They sent a lovely email back that I could pick out a new one for me AND host a FREE giveaway for YOU and ALSO include a discount code for all the Supermom fans that want their very own personalized to match their personality cell phone case.

I was in cell phone case bliss.

Thank you The Case Studio for making The Adventures of Supermom® a very happy woman.

More About The Case Studio

The Case Studio

{Personalized Protection}

The Case Studio offers a vast selection of cases that are predesigned OR you can design your own.  There are iPhone cases, iPad cases, iPod cases, Android cases, tablet cases, laptop cases in lots of fun patterns to fit any personality.

Express yourself and let your device be your canvas. The custom phone and tablet cases from The Case Studio let you personalize every last detail of your case. Customize and monogram one of our favorite designs or upload your own photo for a truly unique, custom-made phone or tablet case. Our unique 3D Thermal Color Fusion process immerses your case with your design from edge to edge with no borders. Choose your device and customize a case for your smart phone or tablet.

any color · any pattern · any case · most cases are fully customizable

With two amazing case option available you will have so much fun picking out your favorite.

The Case StudioThe Sleek Case
Ultra-thin, super-tough polymer shell that fits tight to your electronic device. It won’t slip off, crack, fade or peel. While not designed for maximum shock absorption, the Sleek case for your device provides an extra layer of protection against scratches. The wrap of the case provides a small but vital raised edge to reduce damage to your screen when placed face down on a smooth surface. Sleek Cases for your device are fully customizable with your photos, graphics or patterns.

This is the one I chose for my phone because we four kids in the house I occasionally drop my phone.

The Adventures of Supermom® ~~>

The Adventures of Supermom®The Tough Case Combines an ultra-thin polymer shell with a durable silicone insert that fits snugly to your device, providing shock absorption while showcasing your personality. It won’t slip off, crack, fade or peel. The wrap of the Tough Case for your device provides a small but vital raised edge to reduce damage to your screen when placed face down on a smooth surface. Tough Cases for your device are fully customizable with your photos, graphics or patterns. 

Be sure to enter to win a case for YOUR phone!!!  Don't want to wait for the giveaway!!  Use this amazing discount code to receive 50% off your order!!!  The Case Studio discount code - SUPERMOM

a Rafflecopter giveaway
I love my Samsung Galaxy S6 case and I know you will too.

Michelle Lee @The Adventures of Supermom
Samsung Galaxy S6 Case

**I wasn't paid to post this and the opinions expressed belong entirely to me, Michelle Lee.  I was sent a FREE case so I could tell you all about it.  Thank you The Case Studio.**


Cheryl said...

I only use my phone for talking with my sweetheart. We traded in our landline.

Teresa Erickson said...

I use my phone to run my Direct sale business. A fun new phone case would be awesome ;)

Lexiquin said...

My favorite thing to use my cell phone for is taking pictures of my grandchildren.

Chris Fleming said...

Getting even more into social media... Finally falling for Pinterest ...


Candy Sheets said...

I use my phone for EVERYTHING! We don't have landlines. My cell is my phone...internet...camera...tv...etc! I need a GOOD case!

Melissa Basinger said...

I got rid of my cell several months ago (September) but am looking for a new phone at the moment. The only thing I miss is the opportunity to catch up with friends when driving (hands free of course)~