My friends online feel like family

We have been happy together.  Laughing together.  Smiling together.  Sharing private jokes.  Living.

We have cried together.  We have suffered losses together and we have lost people special to us.  We have fought with those not worthy of our time and we have survived.  That's what we do as humans, survive.  We are doing our very best on each given day.

We have celebrated birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays together.  Hell, we've just celebrated every day of the week that ends in “Y” with each other.

We have even shared meals together.  Sorry about all those food pictures I've been known to post.  Now that I have a new camera I ask for forgiveness now for all the pictures that will be shown.

{huge innocent smile}

You've seen my kids be born and you've watched them grow up.  You've seen them breastfeed, you've seen them walk for the first time and you've seen them dance and sing for you in videos.  Perhaps they have felt like extended family as I've shared so much of them with you.

I have shared so much of me with you.  {Haven't you felt all weird knowing so much?  You stalker.  Ha ha!}

You've seen me grow up.  You've seen me depressed and anxious.  You've seen me at my best and you've seen me at my very worst.  You've called me and you've written me and you've held my hand and you've told me that you love me.  You've been there when I needed a shoulder and you've been there to laugh at me, I mean laugh with me.

We've even talked about sex or the lack of it.  Which reminds me I must do another sex survey.  You seem to get a kick out of those.

Writing this blog has been entirely my pleasure.  I had no idea that it would grow like it did and that people would actually care what I had to say.  I'm just a southern girl from the mountains of North Carolina.  But I'm just like you and we share the same situations.  I just blog about it.  Good or bad??

I may not have lots of parenting advice to offer these days since my kids are getting older but if you ever have a question or ask for help, then I will be there for you!  I can offer my opinion and hold your hand if you wish.

That's what I do.  I share myself with you.  Showing you the good and the bad of parenting, marriage and life.

But I know that there are so many milestones yet to share with you and for you to share with me.  It's called life and it's only beginning.