Happy New Year {2016}

Michelle Lee @The Adventures of Supermom

Happy New Year everyone!

What did you do to celebrate?

We were in bed.


That's how we roll.

No more kidney stones.

No laptop.  I've been using this fabulous tablet Samsung sent me to review last year.   It's amazing.  

All I can do is give great praise for my tablet. 

It completes me.

Sort of.

I miss a "real" keyboard!  I miss the click click click.

Good news!

I found my spanx.  You didn't know they were missing because I didn't have my laptop to blog about them and I forget that I can use my tablet.

Silly Michelle.

So I lost my spanx.  I have to have my spanx these days since I'm carrying about an extra 20 pounds.  {frowny face}

I remember taking them off in Superdad's car.

Not what you think!

We went to my great aunt's funeral but then they started making my back hurt so when we got to the car I slipped them off.

Don't worry.

I had a comfy pair of cotton granny panties waiting for me.


But then I couldn't find them when I was getting all dolled up for Superdad's Christmas party for work.  I bought this sex black dress to compliment my new curves.  BUT I couldn't find my spanx to wear with the amazing dress.  I looked everywhere.   I took all my panties out one by one dumping them in the floor but they weren't there.  I looked everywhere.  Hannah offered to run and buy me another pair but I had another pair that would do the job but not like the ones that were missing.

I felt fat.

I felt huge.

I had on great heels {while taking narcotics} and drinking a very lovely Merlot.  Talking about a disaster waiting to happen.

But we made it.  We looked fabulous even if I felt HUGE. 

{Oddly enough there was a younger smaller prettier girl with lots of hair and a smoking body wearing the same dress as me.}

Like a nightmare of going to prom with your friends all wearing the same dress.

Let me get to my point and I do have one.  You know it takes me a bit of time to get to the point.  I found my spanx. 

I was bringing a box up to put all the Christmas ornaments in and there were my spanx, in the Christmas decoration box.

Don't ask me how because I have no idea!

I'm glad they are back in my life again.  Spanx are a girls best friend.

That's all I got. 

Please share with me your resolutions for the new year.  I'm compiling a list.  I will share them later.

Much love,
Michelle AKA the woman formally known as Supermom