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Stompeez {Everyone Just Jump Around}

Stompeez!!  Best slippers!  The Adventures of Supermom.

The slippers not only keep your feet warm but they are super cute and super fun to wear.  No more fighting with the kids to keep something on their feet once the weather turns colder.  Thanks to Stompeez my girls get some for Christmas this year!!!  They are perfect for any gift giving opportunity. 

Walk stomp or Jump…and the slippers pop to life! Stompeez are the unique fun cute slipper with personalities that kids and grand kids will love. Stompeez are the comfy fun slipper that will leave kids eager to take their shoes off at the door. With each stomp of the foot the ingenious design means that the Stompeez comes to life revealing the fun character. Made from quality material with durable stitching, they are super soft and super comfy.

Ooma ~ 4 Tips to Keeping Your Home Safe During Holiday Travel

Ooma SystemTraveling for the holidays is something my family always looks forward to. There's no better way to close out the year than by hitting the road, singing holiday songs at the top of our lungs, spending time with family and friends, and eating delicious food.

But if you're anything like me, whenever you travel, a little voice in the back of your mind says, "Is my home safe? What if a fire breaks out? Could a pipe burst? Could a thief break in while I'm away?" So even though I love holiday travel, I'm never able to completely relax.

So I breathed a sigh of relief when I was contacted by Ooma—a leading internet home communications hub—with the opportunity to deliver 4 tips for keeping your home safe and secure when you're on the road this holiday. Before you lock your doors and hop in the car, make sure you follow these steps to ensure your home is safe.

Ooma System

The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions
Isn't that how the saying goes?

I have all these great "intentions" and they just never get finished because either I procrastinate or I just don't feel like doing it.

I want to blog about something the kids did.

Or tell you about my granddaughter.

Michelle Lee at The Adventures of Supermom

Share a Thanksgiving picture since I cooked this year.

Michelle Lee at The Adventures of Supermom

Show you an awesome product that was sent to the house.

Tell you how homeschool is going.  Share a great story about how awesome the girls are doing.

Share a silly picture of my dog Sophie or of my crochet project.

Michelle Lee at The Adventures of Supermom


PLAYMOBIL’s NHL Hockey Arena {A loud fun review.}

It’s all about a little friendly competition between siblings and friends. That's what I kept saying when the PLAYMOBIL’s NHL Hockey Arena came in the mail. It has been and still is a HIT at our house as you can tell.

With Christmas coming up and this year being the 100th season of operation of the National Hockey League I had to sit down to tell you all about it.


Get ready to hit the ice with the interactive and imaginative play built into every PLAYMOBIL playset. With the four (included) NHL players, take the shot by using the player’s movable arms and hockey sticks or block the goal by using the joystick to maneuver the goalie from side to side! Perfect for fans of any NHL team, customize the rink with the included team stickers!


The hardest part about putting the game together was the kids being so impatient with me and trying to rush me. Even with four kids over my shoulder and messing with the parts I had no trouble following the directions and getting it put together right.

I’m super happy that there are four ice pucks too and have only given the kids two and I'm proud to say that they still have the first two after weeks of playing already. But ask them to find a shoe…..

Thank you PLAYMOBIL for allowing The Adventures of Supermom to review such a fun product!

**I wasn't paid to post this and the opinions expressed belong entirely to me, Michelle Lee at The Adventures of Supermom. I was sent a free product in exchange for my honest review.**

President of the United States of America

On election day last week I wrote on the dry erase board the journal entry for the day for the girls.  Every morning before school we take a few minutes so they can write in their journal then we can discuss it together before we move onto multiplication tables .

My 11 year old has the right idea.

Michelle Lee at The Adventures of Supermom

#homeschool win.

Our First Day of Homeschool

Today was our first day of homeschool.

Michelle Lee at The Adventures of Supermom

It started about 8:15 a.m. with the girls writing in their journal. I asked them to write about what excited them about homeschool.

They both agreed that spending time with me as their teacher and being home was number one along with liking math.

Then we worked on their multiplication tables for the number two.

The morning has been very smooth and touching. At one point Ninja Gurl was reading aloud in a book about a girl with a loose tooth while I was helping Lovely O with her grammar. I got choked up thinking how sweet it was to be in that moment and situation with them.

I've also noticed that they are more kind to each other.  {A huge bonus!}

Right now we're taking a break for lunch and free time before we start back up on history and art and reading literature.

Here are two pictures I took last night in honor of our homeschool adventure.

Michelle Lee at The Adventures of Supermom

Michelle Lee at The Adventures of Supermom


Step 1 is complete.

The girls last day was October 31st.  It was a bittersweet moment for them.  Missing their friends, missing their teachers, missing their friends.

You get the drift.

But for us it was an ordinary day.  It was in fact just Halloween.  We went through the neighborhood with my granddaughter and friends. It was really nice. Lovely O was Bat Girl and Ninja was poison ivy and I went as Just Michelle. Sweet sweet baby was a giraffe and she was the best giraffe I've ever seen.

This past week the girls have been unschooling.  I've encouraged them to sleep late and play outside in the middle of the day.  I took them to play mini golf to practice their math and I took them with me as I voted for History.  I taught Lovely O how to make tuna salad then she made sandwiches.  I also encouraged them to help in our school room to get ready for our big day.

Our school is even official!!!  With a name!!!!  In North Carolina you have to notify them that you are taking your child out of school to home school them and you must name your school.  It was exciting for Superdad and myself to come up with this name for our school, a school where we will teach our girls all sorts of fun subjects, a school where they will laugh and be encouraged to learn,  a school that I will love teaching.

We will enjoy the weekend as we prepare for homeschool on Monday. 

Do you want to share a story with me from when you started to homeschool your children?


Then and Now

Michelle Lee at The Adventures of Supermom
This was me last week.

Michelle Lee at The Adventures of Supermom
Wednesday he took all of that off.

Michelle Lee at The Adventures of Supermom
Now I wear this 24 hours a day except twice when I do PT on my wrist.

How hard is it?


Every day I wander into my bathroom and come across this.  I wonder if it's invisible to the kids?  Why else wouldn't they rinse out the sink?

Where did you buy that?? {Supermom shops for school.}

Since we have been working on our homeschooling room people have been asking where certain things have come from,

Ohh, that rug!  Those chairs!!

So I just thought I'd make a blog post about the things we have added to our room.

One word.


Superdad made a trip last weekend and brought home all sorts of goodies.  We love Ikea!!!

Homeschool with us

Setting up our homeschool space.

The clock is ticking and we have so much to do!  The girls last day of school is October 31, Halloween, a Monday.  Then I want to spend the rest of the week with the girls helping set up the classroom and getting everything we need for the following week set up.

I am currently on Amazon Prime and Barnes and Noble checking out who has the best price.  I am filling the paperwork out to get the Educator price at B&N and that will help out a lot!!!  Better than Amazon Prime.

It’s nice to see it all coming together.  I’m sitting in the room now looking around.  I see the shelf that Superdad built, while I was grumpy and it bed last night from having my wrist MRI and anxiety was kicking my butt, as a surprise.  I see the girl’s cubby that they picked out this morning.  I see colored pencils, books, my cup of coffee and duct tape.

I see memories in the making.  Laughter.  Hard work.  Science projects.  Math.  Spelling.  Reading.  I see love.  I see the love for our children.  I know we are blessed with this journey but I know we are anxious about it all too and we are allowed to be.  This is a big change.

Here are two pictures that I just took to show you the progress.  The round table is going to H’s house and in it’s place will be two huge bean bag chairs so the girls can relax and read and work in if they don’t want to use the big table.  After things are pretty much put together and moved I can put the adorable button rug from Ikea down.

Our school table and new blue chairs.  Our shelves for books, binders and school supplies.

This will be our bean bag quiet reading place when the table gets gone.

Anyway, I am going to get ready for my doctors appointment for the MRI results.

Up next:  WOW!  So many programs to choose from!!!  The ones that work with our family.

Coming soon: Is homeschooling for us?

Homeschooling 101.

What are we doing? 

Setting up a school room.

Setting up a curriculum.

Products we want.

Products we use.

Products we love.

The Well-Trained Mind here we come.

We can do this.  {chanting}

No seriously, it’s me, not you….

Too busy to blog.  I’m sorry.



No time to do anything related to blog.  I will try to make a list with links to the companies I have product for here at the house.

Retired mostly.

I may tell you funny stories and share pictures.

You know I love you.

What does Supermom do when she has a day off? {A post that supposed to post a week ago but I forgot to publish it.}

Sunday {Like this was eight days ago} I had my first day off in a few days and I was a total bum.  Like sit in the porch and take pictures of my birds while drinking a cold beer kind of day.

I wanted to share them with you because they are totally cool.  I’ve enjoyed watching the birds the past couple of years and now that I have an awesome super cool lens I can zoom up on the a lot better.

Here you go.  Birds in the Asheville, NC area.

Birds Asheville, NC
Baby Cardinal

Birds Asheville, NC
Baby Cardinal and Tufted Titmouse

August already…

...skipping around.

The girls have new bookbags, pencil holders, lunch boxes, water bottles and clothes so I reckon they are ready enough come next week.

This summer has flown by so fast and I just cannot believe school starts next Tuesday. I’m glad we have had a busy summer filled with laughter, love, sand and friendship. {I hope that every summer is like that!}

If I had one wish it would be that, to enjoy summer.

When I was a little girl before electronics took over {I’m ancient} we roamed the neighborhood seeing what mischievous stuff we could do. Playing in a cold creek that ran through a cow pasture and using sheets to cover an old picnic table so we could sleep under it at night. Doing handstands in the front yard. Listening to my mom’s albums. Reading lots of books. Writing. Playing baseball and football with the neighborhood boys.

Everything was so simple then. At times I wish my kids could experience summers like I did as a young girl.

But everything has changed. Kids have changed. Life is too busy these days and there are too many choices. Cringe.

I know my kids are glad that school is starting and I am too but I also know that I will miss them terribly. Maybe just for a few days then I’ll get over it.

{gentle smile}

Good Health ~ Disney Mickey Shaped Veggie Chips
{A healthy review.}
I keep singing M I C K E Y M O U S E...

Good HealthMy kids absolutely love veggie chips! They come in all shapes and sizes and are crispy delicious. When we were asked to try Disney Mickey Shaped Veggie Chips I looked forward to my kids trying them.

We are mostly an organic family so most of our snacks are good-for-you treats. Lots of fruit, cheeses, yogurt and VEGGIE CHIPS! They are easy to pour in a bowl and serve with grapes and bananas and they are perfect for on-the-go snacking. I love hearing the kids munching on veggie chips instead of knowing that they are eating "junk" food that's loaded with sugar.

School will be here before we know it and I’m glad that my kids will be snacking on Disney Mickey Shaped Veggie Chips.

Supermom says...

Heart Bread

...eating a plain piece of bread IS NOT called lunch.

I know you are busy outside playing and want to hurry and eat but it's not getting past me one bit.

Add some Sunbutter or a piece of ham with mayo even banana and almond butter works for me.

Now you know.


Sara Lee Snack Cakes ~ Peanut Butter Creme Cakes
Yummy in my tummy.

Sara LeeI’m all about the peanut butter and chocolate combo. Yes I am. Chocolate and peanut butter just go hand in hand. So when Sara Lee invited me to try their new snack cake I jumped up and did the chocolate and peanut butter dance. YAY!

Four of my favorite things all joined together in one tasty treat.
Sara Lee.
Snack cake.
                                         Peanut butter.
                                         See, all four!

Being the awesome mommy that I am I even shared with the kids when the Sara Lee Peanut Butter Creme Cakes arrives at the house. These snack cakes were a HUGE HIT and didn’t last long in the house. They are all gone so I know they will be on my next grocery list.

Sara Lee

Sara Lee®, the iconic American brand, delivers a new way to snack with fresh baked, individually –wrapped snack cakes. Now you can take along the quality and heritage of the Sara Lee® brand wherever you go. Sara Lee® products are baked by Bimbo Bakeries USA, a leader in the baking industry known for its category leading brands, innovative products, freshness and quality.

Sara Lee® Snacks is introducing NEW Peanut Butter Crème Filled Cakes. These deliciously rich and moist chocolate snack cakes are made with a light and fluffy peanut butter crème filling and wrapped in a smooth chocolate coating. A snack cake you are sure to enjoy!

Be sure to add these delicious snack cakes to your grocery list.

**I wasn’t paid to post this and the opinions expressed belong entirely to me, Michelle Lee. I was sent a FREE goodie box from Sara Lee including their new Peanut Butter Creme Filled Cakes.**

I went on vacation.

Folly Beach, SC

I'll be catching up on reviews ASAP.  I promise.  I know I am behind...however it is summer and I have kids to entertain.

And I got a job.  A real job where I wear certain clothes and leave the house.

Bonus:  I get a paycheck.


We don’t need no stink’en gutter guards.
{What my kids have taught me while bowling.}

Michelle Lee at The Adventures of Supermom
Bowling on July 6, The Three Amigos

School has been out and I’m not lying when I say this but I was looking forward to having my girls home for the summer. “Yeah yeah, but I bet they’ve been driving you crazy?” Nope, we’ve been having a great time. We really have been. When I took them bowling during spring break I learned about the summer bowling program at AMF so when the program started we got the both girls a pass and {of course} one for me.

It’s kind of bit me in the butt because for years I couldn’t get my family to bowl with me and now that I can get them to bowl, my back will not let me have a fantastic bowling form. UGH!

We’ve had so much fun bowling a couple times of week. Lovely O and Ninja Gurl love bowling!! They love that they are getting better with each roll. They don’t even mind the occasional gutter ball.

While I have been teaching them to bowl I haven’t let them use gutter guards because I believe they need to “roll” with the punches. Pun intended. I can remember a day when the kids that performed well in a sport where the only ones to get a blue ribbon instead of everyone getting a trophy for playing.

Shrug. It just confuses me why we do this? Just so there are no hurt feelings? I didn’t always win at field day and not getting a trophy didn’t ruin my life. Yanno? I feel the same way with gutter guards and know the kids may get disappointed that they get a gutter ball but it only makes them better.

I just encourage them and let them know that a gutter ball doesn’t mean failure that they just have to work a little bit on aiming and throwing the ball a little bit harder.

They learn the game and they get their very own trophy in time, a STRIKE.
Seeing their smile is worth it all. Lovely O and Ninja do get so happy when they get a spare or strike - better than Christmas morning.

{getting all warm and fuzzy}

What my kids have taught me while bowling:

  1. The bowling alley serves the best food.
  2. The more bowling balls we have on the rack, the more fun we have.
  3. Gutter balls are horrible...walk it off.
  4. Even though the game room stinks they still want more quarters.
  5. No matter what the score is we always go home laughing planning our next bowling trip.
  6. Always carry a pair of socks in the van. You never know when you may end up at the bowling alley.

I’m really having a great time with my kids and they seen to be having a great time with me.

Honey for Christmas we all want our own bowling ball. {gentle smile}

Plackers {Flossers for kids.}

Plackers Flossers

I know how hard it is to get the kids to brush their teeth and it’s like pulling teeth to get them to FLOSS! Bad pun intended. Taking care of your teeth an any age is extremely important or you will have dental issues. As a parent with four kids I get so tired of having to threaten the kids to floss and brush. UGH. I’m really glad that Superdad takes over with the girls when it comes to flossing and brushing of the teeth.

Holding regular floss is a bit difficult for tiny hands so I love plastic flossers, they make flossing so much easier for kids and even adults.

Michelle Lee at The Adventures of Supermom

Plackers® is helping parents establish healthy dental care habits for their kids in a fun way with its new Fruit Smoothie Swirl Kids’ Flossers, designed with a unique dual grip handle making them easy for kids of all ages to use and allowing parents to assist. The kid-friendly fruit smoothie flavor is sure to be a hit and helps make flossing a fun – and tasty – task.

  • Reduces tooth decay and promotes healthier gums
  • Removes plaque and food
  • Provides fluoride
  • Fruit Smoothie Swirl flavor
  • BPA Free
  • Available in 75 count

“Dentists recommend as soon as a child has two teeth that are touching, parents should help them begin a daily flossing routine,” said Greg McCormick, Senior Vice President of Global Innovation and Technology for Plackers’ parent company, Ranir. “Plackers new Kids’ Flossers were designed specifically with parents and children in mind to offer an easy, fun and flavorful way to teach kids about flossing and healthy dental care habits. If parents teach their kids healthy habits when they’re young, they will be more likely to carry on those habits throughout their lives.”
The Adventures of Supermom, Michelle Lee
Plackers enhances the overall flossing experience for kids with its new Flosser Friend™. The adorable monkey-shaped flosser holder is meant to amp up the fun factor and help kids look forward to flossing. Not only is the flosser holder a cute way to store kids’ flossers and keep them close at hand, its flip-up cover design allows kids to easily access their flossers. The Flosser Friend is easy to open and clean, and comes pre-packaged with 30 dual grip kids’ flossers.

About Plackers
Plackers is a leading brand and pioneer in dental flossers and other consumer oral care products. Having patented the first disposable dental flosser, Plackers is committed to developing high quality, affordable oral care products with innovative features that include a comprehensive line of dental flossers, dental accessories, and dental night guards. Plackers holds over 20 patents and is sold in major retailers worldwide.

**I was compensated for my time to post this on The Adventures of Supermom. Opinions expressed belong entirely to me, Michelle Lee.**