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Top Toy Trends for the Holiday Season from zulily!
{Merry Christmas!}


’Tis the season for gifting little ones the toys they’ve been wanting all year long. This year, it’s not just about play – the most popular toys this season promote learning and creativity!

That said, we’ve tapped zulily’s resident toy expert Kenji Yoshinari for a list of trends to keep in mind as you scour the zulily Toy Shop for the perfect gifts that will both entertain and educate your child this season. Kenji’s tips are:

•    Use the Force to make sure you give the hottest toys! With the upcoming December 18th premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, we’re sure Star Wars toys and apparel will be flying off the shelves this holiday season. Make sure to purchase early so you don’t miss out!
•    Look out for open-ended building toys. Giving kids the opportunity to let their imagination run wild and not be constrained by instruction manuals is the heart of this hot trend.
•    Switch from STEM to STEAM. Adding the ART component to STEM gives you more ways to introduce creativity and fun to your children’s world of educated play.
•    Customize Your Play! Make the play experience meet who your child is – from personalized rockers and ride-ons, to a doll that looks just like your child.
•    Retro, classic play remains a top trend. Brands and toys that bring back memories of days gone by are at the top of everyone’s list this season.

In addition, Kenji has pulled together a list of the Breakout Toys of 2015 and I’ve featured a few below:

•    TEGU Classroom Kit – combine art and education for a great gift.
•    Green Toys – teach your child to care for the environment with these eco-friendly toys. They are easy to maintain, dishwasher safe and don’t require batteries.
•    Build-Your-Own (Customizable) 18” Dolls from Madame Alexander – Customizable and hands-on building, this toy covers off on two top toy trends!
•    Razor Crazy Cart Spinning Go Kart & JoyBay Pink Swing Car – These toys are perfect for kids on the go. 
•    FINIS Mermaid Swim Fin – a fin-tastic choice for kids who love the water!


At online retailer zulily, shoppers have something new to discover each morning including toys, gifts, apparel & accessories, home d├ęcor and more. Be sure to check back often on zulily.com or on their mobile app to get the best deals for the whole family this holiday season.

** In exchange for sharing these amazing Top Toy Trends tips with you I was given a $50.00 giftcard to use on zulily.com. **

It Was A Magical Time

Recently we surprised the girls with a trip to Disney before Thanksgiving.  We knew about the trip in advance but we didn't tell the girls until three weeks before we made the drive.  The long drive. 

Yeah, it was a long drive.

I wanted to share some pictures so here you go.  Sorry there are so many. 

I couldn't help it.

Heading out on a Saturday morning.

Disney 2015 The Adventures of Supermom Michelle Lee

My amazing husband surprised me with a night on Amelia Island, where we honeymooned.  Of course I propped my feet up on my balcony.

Disney 2015 The Adventures of Supermom Michelle Lee