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Back To School with l.e.i. {A Review}
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l.e.i.The kids are back in school and they are always looking for clothes to wear.  My son, who’s in high school, never gives me grief about clothes and pretty much wears anything and everything.  If it’s clean he’s cool but I’m pretty sure he’d wear it dirty.  {shaking my head}  Boys!

My two daughters are so difficult to shop for!  They change clothes like five times a day and are never satisfied!  {CRINGE}  Shopping for girls is so nerve wrecking and I dread it.  Dread it so much.  I’m all full of anxiety thinking about it right now.  Who oh why is it so difficult?!?!

l.e.i. is a brand name that I have heard about from time to time over the years so I was tickled pink when I got an email about checking out some of their jeans and tops for my girls.  YAY!  When the package came in the mail they frantically grabbed for their size to put on and then after they were dressed they WOULDN’T take them off.  I’m not joking.  They LOVED the cool and hip clothes that they wouldn’t take them off. 


From a mom's perspective {that’s mine} the jeans are great!  Very well made and they fit like a glove and true to their size.  Usually with Ninja Gurl I pick up a smaller size when I’m shopping because she is short but with l.e.i. she could wear the right size for her and they fit awesome!  The girls both love wearing their two new outfits to school and they come back all happy because their friends LOVE them and want to know where to get them.

I call that a happy jean wearing WIN for l.e.i.


Get your girls ready for fall with the perfect jeans, jeggings and more from l.e.i.  Find a range of new styles, great fits and cool cuts, for Juniors and Girls, to take her through her school week in style by viewing online brand shop at Walmart.com. 

Our basic jeans are the staple piece in any girls' wardrobe! l.e.i. makes it super easy for you to dress her up in clothes that are cute yet comfortable.

Need some help for the perfect fit - check out the l.e.i. Fit Guide!


Now if I could get my girls out of those jeans so I can wash them….

**I wasn’t paid to post this.  The opinions expressed belong entirely to me, Michelle Lee.  I was sent free product to try out.**

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