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Back To School with l.e.i. {A Review}
Life. Energy. Intelligence.


l.e.i.The kids are back in school and they are always looking for clothes to wear.  My son, who’s in high school, never gives me grief about clothes and pretty much wears anything and everything.  If it’s clean he’s cool but I’m pretty sure he’d wear it dirty.  {shaking my head}  Boys!

My two daughters are so difficult to shop for!  They change clothes like five times a day and are never satisfied!  {CRINGE}  Shopping for girls is so nerve wrecking and I dread it.  Dread it so much.  I’m all full of anxiety thinking about it right now.  Who oh why is it so difficult?!?!

l.e.i. is a brand name that I have heard about from time to time over the years so I was tickled pink when I got an email about checking out some of their jeans and tops for my girls.  YAY!  When the package came in the mail they frantically grabbed for their size to put on and then after they were dressed they WOULDN’T take them off.  I’m not joking.  They LOVED the cool and hip clothes that they wouldn’t take them off. 


Fromagerie Guilloteau Introduces New Washed-Rind Cheese: FROMAGER D’AFFINOIS CAMPAGNIER


Specialty French Cheese Producer Introduces New Washed-Rind Cheese to US Market in 2015

Fromagerie Guilloteau, one of France’s finest specialty cheese producers, is pleased to introduce the newest member of its family: Fromager d’Affinois Campagnier. Produced using Fromagerie Guilloteau’s revolutionary ultrafiltration process, which retains a higher concentration of nutrients and ensures creamier and richer cheeses, this soft-ripened, cows-milk cheese presents a smooth and velvety texture – similar to a triple-cream – and displays salty, buttery and meaty flavors. Its thin, orange-colored rind comes from washing the rind in an extract from Annatto, an indigenous plant to South America that is used as a natural dye ranging in color from bright yellow to deep orange.

“The newest cheese to our top-selling cheese line, Fromager d’Affinois, reflects our desire to share the “terroir” of France with American consumers,” states Pierre Stéphane Leyrat, Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Fromagerie Guilloteau. “The orange-tinted rind is meant to invoke the color of the wheat fields where the Fromagerie Guilloteau cheeses are produced.”

Fromagerie Guilloteau

One I Love {Review and Giveaway}

One I Love

Toys, toys and more toys.  Everywhere I see toys!  TOYS!  Recently I was sent a few products from One I Love so I could tell you about them.  {First - I LOVE THE NAME - One I Love!!!!!!} 

I knew that sweet sweet baby would love everything they mailed me except the jump rope, however I put that in safekeeping for a Christmas gift.  I know that shy Lovely O will love it in her stocking Christmas morning and that we will love seeing her jumping around OUTSIDE. 

One I Love provides the best in organic and fair trade products for both you and your loved ones!  All of the brands they distribute are committed to both environmental integrity and fair trade practices. 

We were tickled pink to see sweet sweet baby playing with her airplane.  I had wanted to wait until Christmas for her to have it but….she was here one day and I’ve never been good at keeping surprises so I went ahead and gave it to her.  It was good.  She loved it.  She mostly loved eating on it.  {laughing}

One I Love has eco-friendly and organic toys for all ages and for all occasions along with designer baby and children's clothes and luxurious bath and body products for the whole family.

One I Love

Duncan Hines {A beater licking review.}

Duncan HinesWhen I think of a Duncan Hines cake mix I think of wonderful memories spent with my grandmother making a cake or lots of cupcakes, licking the beater and the mixing bowl.  I think of icing and sprinkles.  I think of laughter and love.  I think of amazing traditions I have experienced and I think of traditions I am making with my own kids. 

Duncan Hines is in the tradition of making memories.

When they sent me an email about how back to school time comes with all sorts of celebrations! 

A good game, an A+ spelling test, impromptu play dates, and let’s not forget celebrating parents, too with a special desert and a glass of wine… the list goes on and on!

Duncan Hines has the “Perfect Size” cake to fit any occasion and your hectic schedule. These great-tasting cakes, with a serving size of two to four, are perfect for a few people when a full-size cake is too much (too many pans to clean, too much cake left over).

Duncan Hines has created Perfect Size cakes in five deliciously indulgent favors:

Duncan Hines

·      Chocolate Lover’s – chocolate cake with chocolate frosting
·      Red Velvet Dream – red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting
·      Lemon Bliss – lemon cake with lemon frosting
·      Strawberries and Cream – strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting

7th Heaven Facial Products{The Adventures of Supermom® loves 7th Heaven!}

7th Heaven Facial ProductsI firmly believe that you should always take care of your skin and I love trying products that make my skin feel all fresh and clean.  When I was asked to try out two 7th Heaven facial products I was excited yet hesitant.  Before when I have tried facial masks it has caused my face to break out but this time IT DID NOT!  I was so happy.

Fresh clear skin with no breakouts.

More about the two products that I was sent:

7th Heaven Facial ProductsArgan Oil Mud MaskCoupled with antioxidant-rich acai berries, this wonder Moroccan mask is the perfect solution to bring the most fatigued face back to life.

Embrace the natural joy of Moroccan Argan Oil coupled with antioxidant rich Acai Berries. This power duo join forces in this face mask to deeply cleanse pores, balance oil levels and bring tired skin back to life. 

7th Heaven Facial Products
7th Heaven Facial ProductsThis mud mask was easy to use.  Apply the mud, relax for 10 - 15 minutes then rinse.  Perfect feeling face. 

Tea Tree Oil Peek Off Mask - A de-stressing mask that delves deep into pores and takes impurities with it when you peel it off.

Get in the T-Zone and target problem areas with this super soothing peel off mask. Tea Tree, Witch Hazel & Canadian Willowherb come together to calm and clean up impurities.