Tis the migraine season.

Or so it feels that way with my heading wanting to explode.  I feel that if I banged my head against the wall it would actually feel better.  I haven’t actually tried but the day just started.  Soooo….

How have you been?  Enjoying the Fall weather?  Glad the kids are in school?  Looking forward to stealing your kids Halloween candy?  I know I am!!!!  I always pick a few to hide in my super secret candy stash.

Come on!  I know all parents have a super secret candy stash!!!  {I wasn’t born yesterday!}

Things around the Supermom house have been good. 

I crocheted a skirt for a special event then unraveled it ALL to start over because I needed to make it smaller and take out the belt loops.  They weren’t working for me.  {shrug}

Michelle Lee Asheville, NC

The girls begged and begged for us to take them to the fair and us being parents wanting to rip out their hearts and ruin all their happy hopes told them no.  It’s one of the perks of being a parent. 

I did finish book four!!!  {happy dance}  Drums of Autumn was AMAZING!  I started The Fiery Cross, so I’ve been chugging along pretty well.  Team Jamie and Claire all the way.

I won’t post any spoilers in this post so you can read on without closing your eyes.

On that note I’m going to find a wall to bang my head against.


Mrs Furious said…
you and me both on the migraines. So hard... ugh... they make my so tired. And I feel like I get nothing done, because of my coma naps. Oh well.

I just finished the first Outlander book, it took me a LONG time to finally get into it. Then it was over and I rushed to get the next book and it picks up in a different time and I was SO disappointed. I haven't been able to make myself sit down and read it. Tell me it is worth the effort!