Time with family is time well spent.
{Contains Drums of Autumn book SPOILERS!!}

Recently we had to cancel a long weekend trip because of the weather and it bummed the kids.  My Mamaw and great aunt love to visit Pigeon Forge, TN so they can sit by the pool and watch the kids play and we all enjoy having this time together as a family.  We eat out for dinner, ride the go-carts and sometimes shop but mostly the kids play on the water slide, the lazy river and jump off the diving board and we LAUGH A LOT.

The last time we went I was doing cannonballs in the deep end with my son and LMAO with my Mamaw and Superdad.  {Good times.}

So sadly it went from being very hot to cold and rainy in a WEEK so we had to cancel our trip.  To sort of make up for it we went out to dinner one night together.  It wasn’t as fun as my Mamaw taking something to help her sleep or squeezing the kids in one bed but it was nice nonetheless.

Next year we will plan earlier and go in the summer.

The Adventures of Supermom®

I’m still reading book four but I have less than 100 pages!!!  My Superdad went out and bought me the fifth book so I am ready to go after finishing Drums of Autumn. 


I cannot believe that Bree went back in time and then Roger went after her!  I also cannot believe that she’s pregnant and not sure about the baby since she was with Roger and raped by Bonnet!  GOODNESS GRACIOUS!  I also cannot believe that she is engaged to John!  Right now Claire and Jamie are heading back with Roger after meeting with the indians.  I was so heartbroken about Ian.  When I read about his hair being plucked out and he’s sporting a mohawk, earring and has tattoos on his face.  I reread that part a few times to make sure I was reading it right!

So when they make it back will Bree already be married to John or will she run into Roger’s arms or both?  Now that we know there are a set of stones and Roger knows where they are - will they go back?  Will there be time?  What about the baby?  Bonnet?  Ian?  Lord John???


I’ve been distracted!

I had dinner with my girlfriends a week ago at Avenue M as it was half off wine bottle night.  We enjoyed two bottles of wine, delicious food and amazing company.  And SARAH!  Sarah waited on us and she’s amazing!  It was a great night!

The Adventures of Supermom®

Plus I’ve been crocheting.  DUH!

I made this for myself.

The Adventures of Supermom®

And I have all the other wraps for sale so if you want one then let me know.

Right now I am working on a super secret crochet project.  Something else for me.  Details to come later.  {fingers crossed that it turns out like I am seeing it in my head.}

All crafters know exactly what that means.

I’m glad that Fall is here.  It’s my favorite time of year and it also means I can get all my warm and cozy and heavenly sweaters out.

I love sweater weather.

I’m saddened that Fresh Market never did call me about the job I applied for.  I really wanted that part time job but I also agree with what Superdad said about if it was right for me then they would call.


Enough small talk!  I must go read and get this book finished.

Much love,