The Adventures of Supermom is retiring.
{Wordless Wednesday #WW}

Blogging BabeI’ve decided that once I get my desk cleaned off and all of my email sorted out that I will no longer be posting reviews and press releases.  I’ve decided that it’s become too much of a hassle.

When I started blogging it was boring stuff about my life and then people wanted me to do this and do that and it’s become what the blog is about instead of that old boring stuff about life.

I’ve come to a place in life where I want more instead of being chained to my desk worrying about a product.  Since I do not charge for reviews or press releases it just isn’t worth my valuable time.  Yes, I get lots of neat things FREE in the mail which in turn I tell you about.

If I decide to blog I want it to be about my life.  The kids.  Books.  Yarn and normal boring life stuff.

If a company does contact me to travel or work a paying gig then {of course} I will see if it fits into our life at that moment…

but for now it does not.

So today I will be cleaning off my desk one thing at a time and schedule it to post over the next few months.

Then you’ll just have to read normal blog posts when I write them.  I hope that you still find me entertaining and get a good smile knowing that you aren’t alone in thing called parenting know matter how crazy you think you may be.

Thank you for encouraging me to write about life.

Much love and gratitude,
Michelle of The Adventures of Supermom®