New SCIENCE Products just in time for Back to School!
{Your KIDS will love this Nerd Journal and the Periodic Thoughts Postcards!}

The Adventures of Supermom®

Science was one of my favorite subjects in school and to this day I miss it.  It’s really a nice feeling when you love a subject in school and look forward to being in that class every day.  It means you are thirsty for knowledge.  I love that!

Right now my passion {besides being a mom} is reading.  Or is it crocheting?  Or Netflix.  {I KID!}  It’s reading and crocheting.  These are two things I love doing!  I LOVE going to far off places in my head and I love creating beautiful pieces with yarn. 

So when the Nerd Journal and Periodic Thoughts Postcards came in the mail I instantly went back to high school with the periodic chart taking up ONE huge wall in class and the black lab tables.  It was GREAT!

I just know that students of all ages will love these two products! 

More information about them:


The Adventures of Supermom®Celebrate your all-out geekery with your very own journal! Do you want to map the nighttime sky? Is there a weather pattern you want to document? What superpower would you most love to have? Are you making plans to build your own lemonade stand business? You can put it all in one place!

And, if you're not sure what to write in your Nerd Journal, Julie Huffman and Jenavieve Brown have peppered this 128-page, hardcover with some of the greatest science facts, jokes, and more!

·  Why can't you trust atoms? They make up everything
·  At room temperature, there are only two liquid elements. These are bromine and mercury.
·  The only letter in the English alphabet not used on the periodic table is J. The letter q only appears in the symbol for the placeholder name for element 114, ununquadium, which has the symbol Uuq. When element 114 is officially discovered, it will be given a new name.

So think about your passions, obsessions, brainstorms, and inventions. Write them down, because some day, we might find your Nerd Journal and put it in a museum, smarty pants!


The Adventures of Supermom®Sometimes you just need to talk science, and what better way to say, "hey," to a fellow nerd than with these perfect Periodic Thoughts postcards. Embued with scientific quotes and laws, each card is designed using different letters from the Perdiodic Table of Elements. Kids can send postcards to their friends, grandparents, neighbors and teachers this summer… and learn about the elements at the same time!

A perfect gift for geeks, nerds, and science lovers, these smart 30 pull-out postcards are held together in perfect binding, so the cards are easy to tear out with no rough edges. Printed on sturdy, heavyweight paper, each card will stand up to the atomic weight of whatever you have to say.

Perfect for students, teachers and that science geek you know!

**I wasn’t paid to post this.  I was sent FREE samples so I could tell you all about them.**