Actually Conversation in Bed Last Night.

{Back story - the crickets outside are maddening at night and they bug Superdad, pun intended, because he says he cannot sleep with them being so loud.  Since I am a mommy I can block anything out.  You talkin’ to me??}

Here starts our conversation.

We’d both been reading but I had turned my lamp off to sleep and he followed shortly after.  He had closed one of the windows in our bedroom but a cricket must have been in the window.

Superdad - Do you hear that?

Me - No, I don’t hear anything.

Superdad - You must be deaf.

Me - No, I block them out.  Pretend they are waves at the beach.  Woooshhhhh.  {insert pretty cool hand movement as a wave.}

Superdad gets up and reopens the window then hits at the screen to knock a cricket off then crawls back in bed.

Me - Oh oh, look it’s a pelican.  {another hand gesture pointing off in distance.}

Superdad - Are you high?

Me - No, I am NOT!

I thought we were taught to use our imagination.  Does that only count for children?

If so, they have all the fun.