What happened to the A-Team?

a teamBesides death????  I'm kidding, the show isn't that ancient!  Actually only one of the main characters has died but he was my favorite of the bunch. 

George Peppard I miss you!!!!!!

I was {and still am} a huge A-Team fan!!!  Who wasn't while growing up in the 80's?  It was totally awesome seeing Hannible, Faceman, B.A. and Crazy Murdock help the good guys and make sure the bad guys were punished.  Robin Hood all over again with SEVERAL Maid Merians. 

I can remember all of B.A.'s jewelry and breaking out Murdock from mental hospitals and Faceman picking up all the beautiful ladies.  Ahhh, life was so simple in the 80's with jelly shoes, jelly bracelets and big hair!  The clothes and the make-up!  Such fun.

banacekGeorge Peppard  has always been a favorite of mine and when I started dating my husband he introduced me to Banacek! 

Banacek with his Polish proverbs!  That was so funny! 

"A truly wise man never plays leapfrog with a unicorn."

It was totally cool!!  I'd never even heard of Banacek!  Thank you dear husband for this show!  I've never admitted how much I enjoyed it and how much I enjoyed George Peppard. 

couplingRecently I started watching Leverage reruns on TV because I'm a fan of Gina Bellman who plays Sophie {Crazy Jane of Coupling - British show like Friends but better} and Timothy Hutton who is Jim Hutton's son.

ellery queen
Ellery Queen

Jim Hutton was on another show that my husband introduced me to!!!!  Ellery Queen, a fun detective show! 

Father and Son.  The Huttons

{I have a thing for detective shows it seems.}  DUH!

So it hit me, Leverage is a new version of The A-Team with fancier gadgets, the INTERNET and more LOL fun! 

Parker is my favorite on Leverage!!  She's just awesome and if I were a thief/turned good guy I know that I'd be just like her.  Since I'm watching reruns I wonder if she gets with Hardison because the love is evident!


Spencer is B.A. all over again without all the bling bling!  He adds a lot of comic relief!!  HA HA! 

AND they have a van named Lucille.

I guess you can tell that I ENJOY all of the above shows.

Do you watch any of them??