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Tug and the Tooth {All About}
Adventures Starts With A Wiggle

Tug and the ToothWith four kids I know all about loose teeth and how hard it is to talk with a child about losing it because they are scared it will hurt and unsure about all this teeth business.  It will be a memory that all children will remember because even though I am 41 I remember some of the worries that I had as a little girl.

At our house when the Tooth Fairy visits she will spread glitter in places and on the two dollar bill that she receives and often Superdad folds it in a neat fun way.  We enjoy when the Tooth Fairy comes and I know that we will truly miss it when they have all their big girl teeth.

With Tug and the Tooth your child can follow along with Tug and Liza knowing that Tug will protect their valuable treasure, THEIR TOOTH, while they wait for the Tooth Fairy to visit their house.  {Unless mom and dad fall asleep and forget BUT that only happens now and then.  Innocent smile.}

I’m glad that we get to start a new Tooth Fairy tradition with our sweet sweet granddaughter who is only seven months old.  Since our daughters are older I am going to give it to sweet sweet baby for her first birthday in January.  This makes the perfect gift for children who are learning all about losing a tooth and learning about the Tooth Fairy.

Tug and the Tooth

More about Tug and the Tooth.

Losing a first tooth is one of the most significant milestones in a young child's life. "Tug and the Tooth" is a new Tooth Fairy tradition that supports and celebrates children as they go through this timeless experience.

Tug, a lovable tooth pillow, is a special friend of the Tooth Fairy. He carries a backpack in which to place a tooth on the night a child waits for the Tooth Fairy to arrive. He will keep the tooth safe and exchange it with the Tooth Fairy for something special. Tug is noble and trustworthy. His job is to support a child when he or she has a loose tooth. 

"Tug and the Tooth" is a colorful story about a little girl named Liza who discovers she has a loose tooth. She is introduced to Tug who is a friend and guide. Together they embark on a great adventure to the land of Tirol, where she learns to handle fear and excitement as she goes through the experience of losing her first tooth.

I am so glad that I am able to share this exciting new tradition with you.

I want to share a beautiful picture with you!  Our daughter that we call Ninja Gurl had this ONE loose tooth for a solid year but she would NOT let me or anyone else pull it and so it hung there by a tiny piece of skin!  It was in a place where another tooth would not push it out because the tooth came right behind the baby tooth.  She had that hanging tooth in Kindergarten and it finally came out in FIRST GRADE!  She apparently didn’t want to give it up.  BUT the first tooth she ended up losing was on the top while the ONE hanging on, bottom, still stayed - this picture is right after it came out while she was eating a cheese stick.  I was sad and happy because she was all teary eyed that it had fallen out.  My precious Ninja Gurl.

Michelle Lee, The Adventures of Supermom

** I was not paid to post this.  The opinions expressed belong to me, Michelle Lee.  I was sent a FREE Tug and the Tooth that I am giving to my sweet sweet granddaughter.**

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