Monday already?
Oops, I forgot to post this yesterday! Sooooooooo, I added more so I could post in a few, soooooooooooo HAPPY TUESDAY!

How did that happen?  I just cannot believe that September is almost here.  I love this time of year.

Fall weather.

The leaves will change into beautiful colors and fall to the ground.

It also means..

Time to get my warm fuzzy sweaters out!

I love crisp weather, sweaters and hot cocoa.

LOTS OF WARM BEAUTIFUL YARN in snuggly colors.

Last week was busy I believe.  I’ve forgotten what I did already.

School started.

I packed lunches for both girls for three days.

I did cook a lot of good food!  One night we even had company.  Mamaw and Great Aunt.  I made a delicious BBQ pork for sandwiches with coleslaw.  {To which my kids still call COLDSLAW.}

Crazy beautiful H came over with sweet sweet baby.

The Adventures of Supermom®

And I went to the doctor.  I went to get the bone scan results.  Nothing was found which is really good news...I had just hoped for some answers.  Superdad is helping me realize that with each test that is’s a step closer to figuring what the hell is going on.  I like this new doctor at the pain center.  He really is focused, it seems, to find out what is going on with my body.  He did assure me that I wasn’t going crazy because I really do feel like it at times.

He has ordered an MRI of my pelvis, a nerve conduction test and he’s going to give me some shots in hip and leg for pain.  I went to my GYN today to talk about everything and see if she could help with a few issues.  She is referring me to a neurologist. 

Another referral.  It made me terribly upset.

I cried.

I sort of feel like I’m in one of those fun houses with the crazy mirrors that change your appearance and you desperately look for the end, because being inside is too damn scary.  I never liked those places.  I am desperately hoping for my crazy ride to be over. 

{Another visit from sweet sweet baby to cheer me up.}

{AND a manicure with gel polish to look like a beautiful french manicure.

The Adventures of Supermom®

I wanted to do something all girly so I went to the nail place to have someone pamper me, massage my hands, arms and fingers and then to take delicate care with painting my nails.  I needed that.

I did find my favorite drink!  A blackberry slushes from Sonic.  YUMMO!  I had two last week.  TWO!  I will have to find the closest Sonic so I can enjoy another one or two this week.  I wonder if there’s an app for that!!  {don’t laugh at me}

Last night I did finish book three, Voyager, of the Outlander series.  Jamie and Claire complete me.  {swoon}

Today I haven’t really felt like doing a lot around the house.  I did some laundry, cleaned one bathroom and and and…

Tomorrow I will work on some product reviews and try to NOT eat all the angel biscuits with butter and honey. 

What will you do now that Fall weather is getting here?