Might Mug {All About}
The Mug That Won’t Fall Over

Mighty MugI do a lot of my work {most of it} sitting at my desk with a cup of coffee beside my laptop as my desk is piled with papers and books.  What would be the worst thing to happen?  Yes, spilling my coffee. 

I’ve had that happen.

I freaked out and started picking up papers and books and trying to grab my laptop to save it.

Then there’s a mess to clean.

{drum roll}

Then I was asked to review Mighty Mug!  Mighty Mug has changed my life, my love for coffee while working and made me happy.

Let me share some great information with you.

Mighty Mug is the innovative mug that grips to your desk when knocked into. Say good-bye to your old mug that falls over and spills. Desks of the world rejoice!

You heard me right AND it works!!  I’ve tested my mug all over the house.  It’s totally cool that you just nudge the mug all the time only to feel it stand strong and not tip over.

{happy dance}

More information about Might Mug:

Mighty Mug

Mighty Mug is powered by our innovative and patented Smartgrip Technology. Simply place Mighty Mug down on your desk and it creates a powerful airlock which allows Mighty Mug to resist accidental knocks to help avoid spills. When you lift Mighty Mug the pressure is instantly normalized allowing the airlock to release and Mighty Mug to lift naturally. You need to try it to believe it.

* Smartgrip technology grips when you accidentally knock it
* BPA Free
* Car Cup Friendly
* DishWasher Safe
* 100% Happiness Guaranteed Policy
* 16 oz.

I’m also super excited to share that Mighty Mug also has a cup with a straw for other beverages that you drink around the house and work.  I got one of those for Superdad to put in his Christmas Stocking for work.  He’s always drinking water so I know he will love his Mighty Mug Ice.  Shhhhh.

Mighty Mug

Mighty Mug Ice brings its innovative spill-free mug design to your cool summer drinks. With a double wall construction and patented Smartgrip™ Technology, this tumbler will keep your hands dry and your beverages chilled.

With a double wall construction and patented Smartgrip™ Technology, Mighty Mug Ice keeps your drinks chilled while resisting accidental spills Smartgrip's powerful airlock design grips any surface to avoid getting knocked over.

* Pressure is instantly normalized when lifting naturally
* 20 oz. capacity mug
* Constructed of durable Tritan plastic
* BPA free
* Dishwasher safe

The Adventures of Supermom® loves Mighty Mug and I would recommend them to everyone and I would suggest them as the PERFECT gift idea.  I’m sitting here typing this post with my Mighty Mug enjoying hot coffee at my desk without worrying that I will accidentally tip my coffee over and make a huge mess.

**I wasn’t paid to post this.  I was sent a FREE gift code so I could order my very own Mighty Mug.**