Essentia Water {A Review}

Essentia WaterI was so thrilled to open a box full of Essentia Water that was sent to me to review. 

Water is very important for us to drink and I am {I hate to admit} guilty in that I don’t drink enough water during the day.  I just get so busy chasing my kids that I just don’t drink enough. Except coffee - I will grab my coffee in the morning and have a few more cups during the day but I don’t grab water enough.

Essentia WaterThat’s the amazing thing about Essentia Water is that it’s loaded with electrolytes that help you stay hydrated throughout your day.  This purified water has a clean crisp taste without calories, artificial flavoring and there is ZERO sugar added.  I sort of compared it to a sports drink without all the bad stuff.

It’s really important in these hot months to stay hydrated so I’m glad that I can tell you about this water.

When I first tried Essentia Water I found it to be very refreshing and crisp.  It is just what I want in bottled water.  I’ve tried about every brand of water out there and I feel like I am mostly drinking water flavored with a bit of plastic.  Know what I mean?

I hate that in water.  I want a clean tasting water when I am thirsty not a plastic tasting water from a bottle. 

I feel better knowing that Essentia is good for me, refreshing and all in one bottle AND I can drink all I want.  I carry it everywhere with me!  Around the house, outside, in the van and even when we went on a hike.  You can add veggies and fruit to make a great tasting drink or nice and cold from the fridge.

The sky’s the limit!  Have fun drinking Essentia Water.  Remember your body loves water and my body loves Essentia.

More information about Essentia Water.

Essentia Water

It takes hydration to the next level.
We created Essentia to help you get the most out of the water you drink.  Proper  hydration is essential to good health. When your body is dehydrated, your joints get stiff, your muscles get sore, your concentration and performance fade – just to name a few. Drinking sufficient water every day will keep you hydrated and give your body energy to function at its best.  Essentia’s hydrating qualities come from our proprietary electrolyte formula, ionization process resulting in a alkaline pH of 9.5.

It gives you more of what you need.
Electrolytes facilitate communication within and between your body’s cells and are critical to maintaining normal blood pressure, restful sleep, concentration and focus, proper cardiac rhythm, muscle strength, endocrine balance, intestinal function and more. Essentia is infused with trace amounts of essential minerals which emulate the naturally occurring minerals in your body.

Make Every Ounce Count
Most bottled waters offer purity but no additional benefits. Essentia’s proprietary process adds the perfect blend of electrolytes to purified water and then is ionized, creating a distinctive alkaline 9.5pH water to help your body stay properly hydrated.

And, it tastes great.
With Essentia, you get a clean & smooth tasting water without the added sugar, artificial flavoring and calories found in many sports drinks. Plus, it tastes pure, natural and delicious!

Here are some yummy recipes that are amazing for your body.  Enjoy.

Essentia WaterLemon Cucumber Infused Essentia Water
Lemons and cucumbers prevent sepsis or bacteria buildup in the body. When combined with Essentia Water, the result is a refreshing pick-me-up that’s good for your body.
1.5 liter bottle of Essentia Water
2 small organic lemons sliced in half
1 small cucumber sliced
Combine ingredients in large pitcher and chill for 12 hours, serve and enjoy! 

Blueberry Infused Essentia Water
Blueberries are high in antioxidants and improve memory and eyesight. When combined with Essentia Water, the result is a refreshing pick-me-up that’s good for your body. 
1.5 liter of Essentia Water
40 organic blueberries
Pour Essentia Water into a glass pitcher. Lightly score each blueberry with a small nick and then add to water. For best results, let chill for 6 hours and enjoy.

Essentia WaterBlueberry, Lemon, Mint and Orange Infused Essentia Water
Blueberries, lemons, mint and oranges can bring proper digestion and eliminate fatigue. All are filled with energizing vitamins and nutrients.
1.5 liter Essentia Water
5 orange slices
4 peppermint leaves
3 slices of lemon
14 to blueberries
Place fruit in water. Slightly wilt mint leaves by rolling between fingers and place in water. Cool in the fridge for 4-6 hours (up to 12 hours for stronger flavor) and enjoy!

Pomegranate Infused Essentia Water
Pomegranates can help lower cholesterol, protect against cancer and lower blood pressure.
1.5 Liter of Essentia Water
About 50 Pomegranate Seeds (or a handful)
Take a wide-bladed knife and gently crush the pomegranate seeds to release their juices for proper infusion. Chill in the fridge for 12-24 hours and enjoy!

Please remember to drink lots of yummy Essentia Water!

**I wasn’t paid to post this.  The opinions expressed belong entirely to me, Michelle Lee.  I was sent FREE product to sample so I could tell you all about it.**