Doctor Who wouldn't be Doctor Who without his Tardis {The making of my Tardis}

Michelle Lee @michelleunpluggedWe are HUGE MEGA fans of Doctor Who, my husband longer than myself, so I had to make him something perfect for Christmas of 2013.  It was a total surprise so I could only work on it when he was at work or when he went to bed.  I would patiently wait for him to go to bed each night {alone} so I could stay up for HOURS working on the Tardis.  At one point it was getting upset that I never went to bed with him. 

I wish I had kept count of the hours spent on making the Tardis.  {dammit}

His very own Tardis.  {Which is over a foot tall.}

Here's a pattern that I created all on my own so if you please use it, can ya give me a bit of credit?

This Tardis was created and made by Michelle Lee of The Adventures of Supermom®.

SEE!!  Super easy!  Just copy and paste the above to add.  :)


My Supplies:

plastic canvas in clear and black
yarn - Tardis blue, white and black
felt - Tardis blue and white
small wooden “ornaments” in the shape of a sign {for the door} and spool {for the light}
paint pens - Tardis blue, white and black
craft glue

I was just winging this project and thankfully it all worked out.  At first I cut the four panels from the clear plastic in the size I wanted my Tardis to be.  Make sure to count your tiny squares before cutting to make sure the door panels and windows will be center when you put it together.  l used graph paper so I could get a visual of the tiny squares and where I would place the door panels and windows.  Then you’ll want to cut out the panels for the door and the window panels.  {Be careful using the X-ACTO knife!!!}

After everything was cut I started adding the yarn.  You’re going to sew like you are cross stitching without forming the X.  You'll go across with your / ‘s then move to the next line on your way back across making more / ‘s.  Super easy but TIME CONSUMING!!!  I think most of my time was doing this.  {CRINGE!}  You’ll want to go around the cut out door panels and window panels with your Tardis blue yarn. 

The Tardis, Doctor Who

Paint the wooden decorations with your white paint pen for later use.

Cut out four large rectangles with your blue felt to fit the lower part of the doors to give them depth.  Then cut out four panels in white for the windows and glue them on. 

The four door panels should be complete.

Now you can sew them together!  YAY!!!  Just use the Tardis blue yarn and sew up the sides.  It’s easy.  Don’t sew them too tight together though.  You want them to be able to move pretty easy when you are making them into a cube.

Michelle Lee @michelleunplugged

Michelle Lee @michelleunplugged

Michelle Lee @michelleunplugged

You’ll want to cut some clear plastic canvas to the same length as your Tardis and make them wide enough to cover the sides and give it depth.  You can look at my picture to see how I covered them in yarn and how I sewed them together.

Using the black plastic canvas you’ll want to measure how wide to make them my holding them up to your Tardis with edges in place.  Cut four of them making sure they are big enough to sew POLICE BOX on them.  I did a black yarn background and sewed the letters in white using blue yarn on sides and to sew it together.

This is where it gets fun!  You’ll want to grab some clothes pin and rubber bands and your glue.  Glue the edges on and the POLICE BOX banner using clothes pins to hold it all together.  Rubber bands may help depending on the size of your Tardis.

Michelle Lee @michelleunplugged

Michelle Lee @michelleunplugged

Michelle Lee @michelleunplugged

Michelle Lee @michelleunplugged

Making the top and bottom.

Using your Tardis you’ll measure a square just big enough for your Tardis to set on.  I added blue felt to the bottom after sewing with blue yarn around the edges.  {Just enough to cover the plastic canvas where the Tardis is setting.}  Glue it together, the bottom piece, felt and your Tardis. 

For the top you will want a slight overhang so measure accordingly.

I sewed just enough of the clear plastic with blue yarn so when the top was added the clear plastic would not show and I also felted the bottom with blue felt and glued it onto the Tardis.

When making the top I’d measure off a smaller “cube”.  I’d make a smaller square than the previous square top along with four pieces to go around your smaller square.  All with clear plastic and using your blue yarn to fill it in and sew it together.  Glue the smaller top onto your Tardis.

ALMOST DONE!!!  Expect make more.

Michelle Lee @michelleunplugged

Using your blue paint pin and the white spool you painted earlier just decorate it to look like a light.  {I then used blue yarn to sew it on top.}  You can glue it to the top or sew it on.  Whatever you like better.

Using your black paint pen you can write whatever you like on the sign that goes on the front of your Tardis.  I wrote “FREE for use of PUBLIC”.

Taking a small strip of black canvas and black yarn I created the illusion of two doors on the front and even used a very small piece of black canvas and black yarn to make a door handle.

Michelle Lee @michelleunplugged

Michelle Lee @michelleunplugged

Michelle Lee @michelleunplugged

Michelle Lee @michelleunplugged

Glue everyone together.


You now have your very own Tardis.

Michelle Lee @michelleunplugged

Superdad loves his Tardis and he was totally surprised on Christmas morning. If you have any questions about the making on a Tardis just shoot me an email at and I’d be happy to answer for you.