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Order Out of Chaos

It’s Back to School time!  Time to buy books, pens, pencils, notebooks, binders, lunch boxes and book bags.  While shopping for your back to school supplies don’t forget a planner so your busy student can write everything down - so they don’t forget anything like homework, a project and even all their activities.

Out of Chaos mailed me two planners and an amazing book, What’s the Deal With...Teens and Time Management by Leslie Josel.  Goodness gracious as a busy mom I need this book for my kids and for myself!

As a busy mom and blogger and someone with a business I have to write everything down and my planner is my Holy Grail!  I couldn’t survive without one.  Thankfully I was sent two Out of Chaos Planners because I kept one for myself and I gave one to my college student.  She was very grateful for the new planner and the time management book. 

Order Out of Chaos

The Academic Planner Special Features:

Order Out of Chaos
Our Patented Design includes the following:
* A unique vertical index page at the front of the Planner that enables students to record their class subjects (7 subject boxes) only once, eliminating forgetfulness and frustration.

* Planner pages that line up with the index on a subject-by-subject basis, creating an easy and natural method for students to record and review their weekly schedules and sense of continuity that is critical to developing time management skills.

* Days of the week are listed horizontally across the planner, creating a “grid” for simple entry.

* Space to enter after-school activities and weekend commitments, facilitating weekly time management and planning strategies.

* Weekly two-page calendar layout, allowing students to quickly see assignments and due dates.

* A Project Planning Guide to help plan long terms papers and projects.

* Full page monthly calendars with ample room for notes, allowing students to adequately plan monthly projects.

* Four exciting cover designs, matching any student’s individual style and taste.

* Larger size pages (7” x 11” interior pages), allowing for more room to write assignments and appointments.

* A handy vinyl back pocket holds notes, slips and other necessary papers.

* Three-hole punching allows for easy placement in binders.

* Vinyl covers and sturdy spiral binding stands up to students’ school bags and lockers.

* Based on a school calendar (August to July)

OPTIONAL FEATURE: Add an Academic Planner Page Marker to help your student quickly find his or her place.

Pretty cool huh?  In my opinion I think all students should have a planner because they can plan their day and assignments all in one place easing frustrations with their busy school life.  I know that it helps me in my busy life as a mom with four kids, one grandchild and one dog.  {And one spouse.}

More about What’s the Deal With...Teens and Time Management book:

What’s the Deal With...Teens and Time Management“What’s the Deal with Teens and Time Management” takes parents step-by-step through the basics of teaching their teens the time management skills they need to succeed—at school, at work and in life!
In a readable, breezy and witty fashion, Josel opens the door to the world of time management, what it really means, why it’s important and why your teen probably doesn’t “get it.”  And throughout the book, Josel offers up the “Triple Ts” – her tried and true Tips, Tools and Techniques – to provide support and guidance for parents looking to help their teens understand, develop and implement time management skills.

In this book, you’ll learn:
* The FIVE mindsets parents need to start their teen on the journey of time management awareness.
* How to create a “Personal Homework Profile” to better understand how your teen tackles homework.
* How to help your teen create a time sense and develop “future awareness”.
* How to pick an appropriate paper or electronic academic planner and how to properly plan their time.
* How to create a peaceful and calm morning routine to get your teen out the door.
*Case studies, useful resources, Leslie’s straight talk and much, much more!

I hope that these two products help you with this Back to School season.

**I wasn’t paid to post this.  I was sent FREE product to share with you.  All opinions expressed belong entirely to me, Michelle Lee.**