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You're NOT getting a band-aid unless you are gushing blood so stop hopping on one foot with that little scratch! Eyeroll.

Home from vacation.
Sobbing! I miss the ocean! I miss the sand! I miss it all!

Recent text to my husband.
I'm not moving for the rest of the day. I'm not even going to feed the girls. So there.
I mean it. Ha ha.

Yeah, I lost respect for the list with I reached #4.
The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger
Seriously I thought about sending flowers and gift baskets to those in my small book club that were trying to read this book BECAUSE I picked the book.
It was tragically AWFUL!!!!!!!!
Just shit I tell ya!
Just my two cents.

Just baked a chicken, sautéed some asparagus, boiled some corn. Sliced a couple kiwis, bowl of grapes and a delicious cheese that paired perfectly with everything. I'm full. So much for my diet.

The other day when Lovely O was terribly sick she told me she wished a bird would poop on her head. I asked why. She replied, "because it's good luck and it would make me feel better". I love her so much. I am thankful she is feeling better.

Last Friday I had the extreme pleasure of going out with two amazing ladies for drinks and food and chocolate. I realized that we didn't get a picture of all three of us together so I made one. In memory of Friday night. Laurrell and Linda, thank you for spending time with me. I'd even like one of those blackberry drinks again.

I dreamed that I was dating Marilyn Manson. Nodding. It was a nice dream. Odd. But nice. ‪#‎marilynmanson‬ ‪#‎dreams‬ Do they know something I don't know?

My. Kids. Are. Driving. Me. Crazy.

I spotted a rare bird today. I mean me. On my walk I ended up at the lake where we live. I never walk there. It was nice. I even saw a turtle on the branch and a baby turtle swimming around. Counted lily pads and dragonflies.

I was going to clean house today until.....I saw season 3 of Orange is the New Black on Netflix. ‪#‎whocaresifmyhouseisdirty‬

I feel like Kramer on the plane jumping around trying to get the water out of my ear.

I wish I was as smart as my kids think I am. They ask me a million questions a day! They must think I am a genius. Said NO PARENT EVER!

I've already heard I'm bored and it's only first day of summer break. Gasp.

I just finished watching Gossip Girl. I give it TWO thumbs up and eight fingers!!! I really enjoyed it. Now I will miss Blair and Chuck. Sobbing.