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The Adventures of Supermom®Only 205 more pages to read of my book.

The history of my belly.
I'll show you mine if you show me yours.

Crap! I've been thinking today was Wednesday!!! I hate when that happens.

Walked 1.36 miles pushing the stroller. Rough and brutal but I did it. My hip and leg are hurting. Ugh!

Just made it home. Took Ninja Gurl to get potato soup from O'Charley's and then a quick trip to Target. Somehow they talked me into bow and arrows. {scratching head} Then I walked 1.2 miles. Then had a piece of pie. ha ha

Man. Didn't notice time until now. Putting book down. Night.

I just walked 1.2 miles and added weights this time. IE: pushing a stroller with Ninja Gurl in it. ‪#‎wasnteasy‬ ‪#‎butididit‬ ‪#‎1supermom‬

Planning lunch with my high heel sister Marlene for next week. Now to scope out restaurants!!! The place I WANTED to go only does dinner. Sniff sniff. Chef Katie Button please open The Nightbell just for us ladies. We could have Girl's Lunch Out but only if YOU join us. ‪#‎weloveyouKatieButton‬ ‪#‎asheville‬ ‪#‎food‬

So who went out and bought Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee today?? Superdad went to Barnes & Noble this morning and bought a copy.

Goodness gracious. I found a picture of me after too much wine doing ninja moves. ‪#‎imnotperfect‬ ‪#‎neversaidiwas‬ Now we know where Ninja Gurl got her skillz.

Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring. ~ Marilyn Monroe

I told my friend Linda that I was trying to cut my coffee back...I did only have one cup of coffee yesterday however I sent her a text telling her that I may have to start drinking wine in the morning now. ‪#‎whateverworks‬

Just had to use the MOMMY voice to make Ninja take her meds!! Half an hour later - she finally took them.

Michelle you are not allowed to stay up until 2 am reading!!!!! I mean it.

Michelle if you don't put your book down - Dragonfly in Amber - you will never go to sleep.

After walking 1 1/2 miles I took a nap. Yawn.

Ninja Gurl is playing on the computer. Superdad and Lovely O are running errands and getting lots of yummy food from Del Vecchios. We've not had a decent meal since Wednesday because we don't want to eat in front of NG. I want all of us to have a full belly at bedtime. NG has been eating scrambled eggs since last night. She's in a lot of pain but such a trooper! I love her.

Watched first episode of Saving Grace on Netflix.
I love Holly Hunter and the show.

Up. I think four hours sleep. Ninja Gurl is coloring beside me on the air mattress with Uncle Grandpa on Netflix. Weirdest show ever!
She's in a lot of pain but such a trooper.

I really want that chocolate bar in the kitchen but Ninja Gurl is sleeping so soundly next to me. Like peanut butter and jelly.
Who will come bring it to me???
I'm starving!! We've not been eating in front of Ninja Gurl.

The Adventures of Supermom®Ninja Gurl has never slept so soundly before!!!! I could cry.
She is asleep beside me on an air mattress in the living room.
It will be so nice not to see bags under her eyes or dark circles.

My Ninja Gurl doesn't feel good. I cry because I cannot help her.
She told me.
Thank you for everything you are doing.
Sobbing. I love her so much.

They just took my baby back for surgery. ‪#‎thisiswheresupermomcries‬