Ninja Gurl lost her tonsils and adenoids.

After throwing up twice in my bed, on Sophie, on my phone and pillows and stuffed animals all is better now.

It’s been a busy few days taking care of our sweet sweet Ninja Gurl.  I had been dreading this procedure ever since it was scheduled but didn’t realize how much until the night before when I was tossing and turning in bed.

It all went well and now Ninja is resting at home.

The first night I just watched her sleep because I was afraid that if I went to sleep she may need me.  I know that’s not a rational thought but I was one worried mommy.  In fact it was the quietest that I’ve ever heard her sleep for as long as I can remember.  Kind of reminds me when you first bring your newborn baby home and you feel under their nose to see if they are STILL breathing.

I’m glad that it’s all over now and all that is left is to recover.  I’ve spent two nights on an air mattress with NG but tonight we are moving back to the bedroom.

I think it is safe by now.

Where is that waterproof mattress cover?