I’m on a Coconut Oil kick!
{I love you Pamela Jacobs!}

Pamela JacobsI recently read an article on my favorite smut site about a woman who says she is 52 but gets mistaken for someone in her twenties. She looks amazing and is so beautiful. 

I wanna look like her when I am 52!!!!!!  After reading the article I starting looking up her beauty regime and it’s simple.

COCONUT OIL!  Healthy eating.  She has an amazing organic diet and only drinks ONE cup of COFFEE!  She is a SuperWoman!

Over the past few years that is all you hear about, the 101 ways you can use coconut oil.  I’ve sort of brushed it off and only really used it for cooking.

Coconut oil is yummy to cook with. 

We have a pretty good diet and I’m trying so hard to cut out sugar in my diet.  I didn’t say I was succeeding in cutting sugar out but I am trying and then when I do have sugar I feel all guilty and fat.  I’d love to only have one cup of coffee a day and then only drink water.

Would people be able to live with me while only enjoying one cup of coffee?  Would they survive?  Would I survive?

I have been greasing myself up with coconut oil since the article and I love it!  I have been an Aveeno Baby Lotion with Lavender Lotion junkie for YEARS!  I love that stuff and use it by the gallons.  So now after my hot bath I rub CO all over me including my face and in my hair.

I continue to use my facial products after using the CO.  However I am not wearing make-up as much because I have this amazing natural glow that is NOT greasy like you would think the CO would make you look.

My facial routine is CO after bath, my facial lotion and eye cream.  I use a skin toned pressed powder all over my face {a VERY LIGHT powder that doesn’t make me look all made up}, brush on a light eyeshadow and then add some lip gloss.  That’s it.  I may curl my lashes and of course I brush my brows.

If I went out with my Superdad on a date or out with my girlfriends I’d only add mascara and lipstick to the mix.  I really don’t feel that I need the make-up.  Especially with my tan and these couple million freckles.

I’m loving my CO kick and I hope I look like Pamela Jacobs when I turn 52.

Michelle Lee of The Adventures of Supermom®
Me at 41, like taken two weeks ago after using coconut oil.

Do you use coconut oil?  What healthy kicks have you tried?  What kicks do you want to share?