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Home from vacation.
Sobbing! I miss the ocean! I miss the sand! I miss it all!

We returned from vacation on Saturday, July 4th and I'm trying to get prepared for Ninja Gurl’s surgery on Thursday.  {tonsils coming out}

I’ve unpacked and gotten the laundry almost caught up, if you can ever really get laundry caught up.

{Insert hilarious laugh here with that thought.}

Today I HOPE {really HOPE} to get caught up with The Adventures of Supermom®’s email and open all the boxes that arrived last week to get the reviews in order and such.

I need a vacation because of my vacation.


See!  That proves it!  I cannot even spell badly!!

I will leave you with ONE picture from Folly Beach 2015 with my whole family, including sweet sweet baby!

Folly Beach
Supermom, Superdad, the four Superkids and now a Superbaby.

Don’t worry because I will post them all as soon as I catch my breath.

Much love!

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