ELEMENTS for Girls {All About}

AuthenticMe Elements for GirlsELEMENTS is a self-discovery book and bracelet for tween and early teen girls. This unique book invites girls to read, reflect and complete simple, fun activities while exploring important elements of growing up such as self-acceptance, empathy, communication and friendship. The theme of self-care is woven into the book in sections on sleep, healthy eating and stress management. With original doodle art throughout the book, girls are encouraged to express themselves with color, drawings and writing to make the book their own.

AuthenticMe Elements for Girls

As chapters are completed, girls use the creative kit included to design their own unique bracelet. The bracelet elements – colorful hemp, beads and charms – cleverly remind girls of the chapter themes to reinforce what was learned. Written by women with extensive experience in working with adolescents and parenting their own daughters, paired with the input of countless girls who had a hand in the concept, themes and activities, ELEMENTS is sure to become a treasured resource and keepsake.

AuthenticME, a company created by two women who have dedicated their careers to helping adolescent girls, is aimed specifically for this purpose. The company's mission is to develop products that will encourage girls to explore, embrace and empower all aspects of their authentic selves.

The company's new book, “ELEMENTS for Girls  A Fun & Engaging Self Discovery Project,” provides a way for girls to slow down, disconnect from technology and connect with their authentic self,” said Sandra McDonnell, AuthenticME partner.  Each of the book's 10 chapters invites girls to read, reflect, create and complete interesting and introspective activities while exploring themes such as feelings, self-acceptance, empathy, decision making and communications.  The theme of self-care is woven throughout the book in sections on sleep, healthy eating and stress management.

Integral to the concept is a bracelet that girls create as they work their way through the book.  “The beads are a fun, visual reminder of what is learned in the book,” according to Mary Ellen Young, AuthenticME partner and founder of Helping Girls Navigate Adolescence (HGNA), a Downers Grove, IL based non-profit organization that provides a variety of supportive programs for girls and parents.  “It takes time and practice to develop healthy, positive habits and skills,” said Young.

The section on empathy allows girls to work through real-life examples of how to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. “Developing empathy is a critical skill in reducing bullying and building healthy relationships,” according to Young, a bullying consultant and speaker on relational aggression. “A cute flip flop is the bracelet charm for this section, and serves as a reminder for the girls to put themselves in each other’s shoes. It is our goal to create a reminder for our girls so that when the temptation is there to throw out their arm and save a seat, instead they will look at their wrist, think about what it feels like to be that girl standing there, and make room.”

Many girls had a hand in development of the concept for the book and bracelet project. Focus groups were held with local girls who subsequently completed two sample chapters at home. “Their insight was key. We were motivated by how much they loved the concept,” said McDonnell.

 “Girls benefit greatly from opportunities for personal reflection and self-awareness,” says McDonnell who is also the current HGNA president. The project was a creative family affair with Young and McDonnell’s three high school- and college-aged daughters playing key roles.  Sierra Young, a talented artist, created all the original doodle art, Nora Young inserted her keen sense of style into the book and bracelet designs, and Emma McDonnell researched and selected “the coolest beads” she could find. 

The book comes with a kit to make the bracelet with beads that represent the theme of each chapter. The book and bracelet, priced at $24.99, are available at online at www.authenticme.biz.

**I wasn't paid to post this.  I was sent a FREE copy of the book.**