{All about} Mary’s Secret Ingredients
{Let me tell you about the Summer Box 2015.}

Mary's Secret IngredientsMARY’s secret ingredients is a limited edition culinary surprise box containing unique gourmet, artisanal products along with handy kitchen tools. Every season, a limited number of themed boxes filled with lovely surprises to inspire your cooking are delivered right to your door.

Mary shares mouthwatering recipes using each box’s ingredients on the LOVE – the secret ingredient blog.

This is an excellent idea because you are sent different products that you may not even know about and it could turn into YOUR FAVORITE dish and you wouldn’t have found out about this product if it wasn’t for Mary Secret Ingredients.

It’s exciting!  Opening your goodie box to these great food ingredients or new kitchen gadget!  Then your mind goes into meal planning which is also where Mary can help because she posts recipes on her blog for each box and product!

SERIOUSLY!!  She does!  

Go order your box for the Fall Box 2015 before they are sold out.

The Adventures of Supermom® opened up the Summer Box 2015 and it looks so delicious.  Great products from:

Mary's Secret Ingredients

Chipz Happen.
A family owned and operated business, manufactures a line of gourmet tortilla chips.

Delta Blues Rice.
Delta Blues Rice is grown, milled, and packaged on a multi-generational family farm that has been in operation for over 90 years in the Mississippi Delta.

Love Grown Foods.
Chocolate Power O’s: Power O’s will revolutionize your breakfast. Made with navy beans, garbanzo beans, and lentils, Power O’s are a powerfully nutritious cereal and a great way to power up your day!

Rufus Teague.
Rufus Teague Made Some Sauce. He put some in a jar and shared it with the boys. They kept on painin’ him ‘til he fixed up another batch. Next thing he knew he’s makin’ sauce all the time. It’s damn good. All natural, gluten free.

Speegee Co.
Speegee Spatula: The Speegee was designed to accomplish any task that the spatula could, plus a whole lot more! From mixing, to folding, to spreading icing, transferring food, effortlessly scraping the sides of large pots, and even cutting, the Speegee outclasses the boring, old silicone spatula in every way. There’s no longer a need to clutter your drawers and spend a fortune on new tools, when one tool does it all!

Villa de Patos - Maguey Sweet Sap. 
Since 1980, Villa de Patos has combined ancient traditions with the newest technology to provide products that embody all that nature has to offer. Their products are minimally processed, or as we like to say, are preserved from the goodness from nature. Rooted in Aztec tradition and carefully crafted, Villa de Patos Maguey Sapis an ideal, unrefined and unprocessed alternative sweetener.

I’m already planning out dishes I can make with these yummy ingredients!  So yummy!!!

With LOVE – the secret ingredient, Mary shares her expertise, passion and her all-time favorite recipes with 32,000+ followers. As a passionate cook, Mary always looks for new inspiration and interesting flavor combinations and she knows that other foodies are the same. So she wanted to share her favorite new ingredients with others, provide support to food manufacturers and producers, as well as use her passion and the popularity of her blog to give back to combat hunger.

This is why, in 2014, Mary launched her surprise subscription box service, MARY's secret ingredients (MSI) uniting all of her goals. MSI helps natural food manufacturers introduce new products and works to eliminate childhood hunger worldwide alongside the global initiative Feed The Children.

Mary's Secret Ingredients

Be in the know!
Every year, thousands of exciting new food ingredients and products are introduced across the U.S. If you are a foodie who loves to both cook and eat, how can you possibly know about all of them? Mary is here to curate them for you!

As a passionate cook, Mary always looks for new inspiration and interesting flavor combinations. In each box you’ll find mouth-watering sweet and savory products to create wonderful tasting food. On LOVE – the secret ingredient blog, Mary shares recipes to inspire, which include ingredients from the boxes.

So turn on the stove… it’s time to discover what’s new! Only a limited number of subscriptions are available for each season in 2015. Order today!

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**I was not paid to post this and the opinions expressed belong entirely to me, Michelle Lee.  I was sent a FREE secret box to enjoy with my family.**